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We all love Mark Hamill's take on the iconic yin to Batman's yang: The Joker. We have heard his maniacal cackling throughout 'Batman: The Animated Series', commonly referenced as Batman: TAS by fans. We have heard his fiendish laughter in 'The Justice League' and 'The Justice League Unlimited'. He has reprized his role in 'Batman Beyond' and 'The Adventures of Batman & Robin'. As well as being the voice of the crazy clown in the Arkham games. People can't seem to get enough of Hamill's Joker. Well fortunately, we will get to hear him laugh at least one last time.

The Killing Joke is getting Animated Movie Treatment

For those of you that have not read the DC Graphic Novel entitled 'The Killing Joke', you should really give it a read. It is a fantastic story that dives into the deep and troubled mind of the Joker, as well as his possible origins.

Or if you want to be free of spoilers, just wait until next year when DC will be producing an animated version of 'The Killing Joke'.

Not only is this great and exciting news, but it's also calming nerves ever since it was stated that Mark Hamill would return to voice the character. Hamill had since retired, but said that he would make a return to perform in a Killing Joke movie. So here are 3 reasons why not only is Hamill perfect for this particular part, but why he has owned the voice of the Joker for years.

1. Mark Hamill: mArkHAMill

His name pretty much goes to show that he was born to play this part. Or possibly to be locked away in Arkham Asylum...

2. He Has Years of Experience Playing the Part

Whenever you have a story this good about characters this good, you have to make sure you have actors that are excellent. Mark Hamill has done nearly every version of a laugh that can be heard. He has played funny, evil, charming, petrifying, fiendish, comical, sad and combinations of all of them in mere moments with only his voice!!! He has a mighty gathering of people who are fans of his Joker and performances!!!

3. This Story is the Perfect Place to make an Exit

The story and ending of the Killing Joke has a lot of room for interpretation. It can be viewed as the last tale of both Batman and the Joker. Or it can be held onto going forward into continuity. But if Hamill is playing this part one last time, this is the best way to end it.

I'm super excited for the Killing Joke Movie. If we can get Kevin Conroy to play his Batman, than this will fulfill my Comic Book section in my heart.

How about you? Are you excited for next year? So many DC movies are being released...

Let me know in the comments below.


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