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When you think of magic, trolls and a hero with the name of Harry Potter, what's the first thing that comes to mind? If you said the Harry Potter series, penned by the magically talented J.K. Rowling, you're right.

If you said Troll, the 1986 dark fantasy film, you're still correct, but thinking in a really... creative way. Troll is a film with a massive cult following, but a few coincidences have made it a very odd film to talk about.

One coincidence is that it stars a character named Harry Potter, Jr. And another is that the film shares its name with the awful film Troll 2, which also happens to have a massive cult following. Despite releasing before the Harry Potter book series, and having zero relation with Troll 2, the film is still unfortunate enough to be mistaken for either a Harry Potter rip-off, or the first in a franchise of absolutely horrendous troll-related films.

Troll 2 did bring us this though.
Troll 2 did bring us this though.

Well, it looks like Troll won't have to worry about being mistaken for something else ever again! A new animated film and TV series is coming out based on the original Troll! It's sure to make modern moviegoers aware of the iconic cult fantasy.

What's the name of this new groundbreaking film/TV series? Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter, Jr.

Hmm...yeah, that's a bad choice. That's a REALLY bad choice of title there. After all, fans of Troll 2 might think that this is a continuation of the film. Likewise, Harry Potter fans might think that this is some new show/animated film chronicling the adventures of Harry's child. Of course, Harry doesn't have any kids named Harry Potter, Jr. Still, I knew that, and I was still fooled!

Fans of either films will be sorely disappointed when they see the truth.

Darn darn darny darn darn!
Darn darn darny darn darn!

Still, bringing back Troll for a newer audience isn't such a bad idea. Like I said, the original film has a strong cult following. Co-producer John Carl Buechler (who also wrote and directed the original movie) is aware of this.

“The original ‘Troll’ film has achieved cult status, and based upon its success we believed that the timing was right to produce an updated 3D animated version for a whole new generation of filmgoers.”

Without giving out too many spoilers (even though it came out 29 years ago), Troll is about a family that moves into an apartment and is attacked by the titular creature.

It's up to the family's son, Harry Potter, Jr., to save them from the menacing troll! It's a really weird film, but an animated series/film might do it some justice. After all, the movie featured trolls, wizards, prophecies and magic—hard to do in an '80s live-action film, but pretty much the formula for a good fantasy cartoon in any era.

The movie is a lot like Labyrinth, in that it sounds like it's meant for kids, and even marketed for kids around the age of 12 and up, but it is FREAKY BEYOND COMPREHENSION! Just look at the troll for a good example of how scary this movie is.


An animated film/series might actually not scare the crap out of everybody who watches it! This new iteration of Troll will revisit the world of wizardry from the first film. An evil troll is trying to take over the world, and only Harry Potter, Jr. and a magical witch can stop him and his evil forces!

The animated film is due for a 2017 release, while the series is expected to release next year. Oh, and as for that odd name, the people behind the upcoming reboot have acknowledged it, and released the following statement:

The reprise of “TROLL: The Rise of Harry Potter, Jr.” has not been prepared, approved or licensed by any entity that created or produced the J.K Rowling series of Harry Potter books or the Warner Bros. series of Harry Potter motion pictures. TROLL: the Movie LLC is not affiliated with J.K.Rowling or Warner Bros nor has this motion picture been endorsed or authorized by J.K.Rowling or Warner Bros. The characters “Harry Potter” and “Harry Potter, Jr.” depicted in TROLL are not related to, or inspired by, the book and film characters of J.K.Rowling and Warner Bros.
Harry Potter and Harry Potter, Jr. and his family were characters in the 1986 motion picture “TROLL” which was independently created and distributed 11 years before J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was written and published.

That's all well Troll, but I'm still going to mock you for the title...

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