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My take on how to cast some of the male members of the Batfamily. Doesn't include Batman, unless you're counting...

1. Nightwing

Don't worry, it gets more original after this, I promise.

1a. Milo Ventimiglia.

Strange choice, you say? Well, maybe you haven't seen this ( awesome fantrailer that stars him as one and the same. He was great in Heroes, he'd be great as Nightwing. Trust me. Watch the video. It's awesome.

And, yes, I know he's a bit too old. But, seriously, TV has grown men playing high schoolers. I think they could pull this off.

1b. Matt Bomer

I know he's a pretty popular choice, but come on. Look at that face. Tell me it doesn't have just a bit of Grayson charm.

2. Red Hood

I'm going to start this one off with a fan favorite. But, trust me, it gets original after that.

2a. Jensen Ackles.

Pretty much perfect for the role in every way. While he is good on Supernatural, he also did great work as Jason Todd in the cartoon. Which, when you think about it, the voice is pretty much the important thing here, what, with the helmet and all. But, alas, many are of the opinion that he is too old for the role. Which brings me to my next choice...

2b. Brock Kelly

This smarmy looking guy played young Dean Winchester on Supernatural, also known as a younger Jensen Ackles. Problem solved, right? Unless you want to go even younger, in which case...

2c. Dylan Everett

He played even younger Dean Winchester, and his eery similarity to the actor he portrays makes him another great candidate.

3. Red Robin

3a. Jake Cherry

This kid played Nick in the first Night at the Museum. Which, I know. We forgive you, Jake. This is him all grown up, and looking very Tim Drake-ish, if I do say so myself.

3b. Thomas Brodie-Sangster

I know, he's a full grown man. But he looks 12. Give him some dark hair, an American accent, and I'd say you have yourself a Tim.

4. Robin (Damian Wayne)

4a. Asa Butterfield

He's 18, and I was literally just complaining about Hollywood casting too old actors to play kids. But, this kid looks much younger than he is, and there's not many kid actors out there that could play the Son of the Demon and do it well. Sorry, I'm not very in touch with the child acting community. I'm not sure if that's a good thing?

4b. Ty Simpkins

He's 13, so much closer, right? He played that kid in Iron Man 3 (best part of the movie, in my opinion). Dye his hair black, give him a superior attitude, and he just might work.


So, what do you think? I'm planning one of these with the girls of the Batfamily coming up...


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