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To start, Scream 4 was not a great movie compared to Scream. That being said, Scream 4 was not a great movie. It lacked anything new scare-wise and recycled well known facts in the franchise. All that was done to update that installment was; adding new (younger) faces, inserting more technology (iPhones, headcams, tweets etc.) and finding out about a new killer. What should have happened? Well, please sit. This'll take a moment.

If you're going to bring Scream 4 into the new generation, then, well, bring it. The New generation would have made this Scream, these murders, these phone calls, this bloodbath their own. Not simply with technology but with what they were influenced with. The original Screams killers were influenced by Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th. This generation; Saw, Paranormal Activity, Holloween (Rob Zombies'), Insidious, Sinister etc. Inject some of the feeling and energy from those movies into Scream. Still though, have it be aware of itself (meta). I thought if Scream 4 upped its creep factor and killed off one of the main characters (Dewey, no explanation needed) as well as kept it a little more down-to-earth a la Scream 1. It would have been a far superior movie. Also, technology isn't scary. We found that out with Pulse (Kristen Bell). Thank you, Hollywood. Although, technology can be creepy. Ghosts in the machine and all. A moment of creepiness; The hallway scene in which Sidney comes out from saying goodnight to her niece and Officer Hicks was standing there, mostly covered in darkness at the top of the stairs. They spoke for a few moments, Hicks still suspended in darkness. Perfect. Creepy, Suspicious, Great. That should have been the tone of this movie. Then you have scenes with Adam Brody and Anthony Anderson, and just enough already. It just didn't sell. Also, having a killer that is somewhat tied into Screams 1-3 would have made more sense. Who knew Sid had a niece? Let alone a crazy one (I'm aware not knowing she was crazy was the point). I could go on, but, I can't go on. It'll take all night and day.

Now, Scream 5. Sure, do it. Profit was made off of 4. Not much. Money is money though. They keep making dance movies and I'm not sure who's watching those. Scream 5, should be tied in with series somewhat. Platform crossing is something the Marvel Universe does well. I don't see why this would be a stretch. Obviously, nothing to that extreme. Kirby should be a focus. Clearly, one of the strongest characters from the 4th installment. She had heart and fight in her like Sidney. Note: her shooting off every horror movie that came to mind while on the phone with the killer was an amazing scene. Sidney needs to die. It's time. Something a little more climactic than how Jamie Lee Curtis's character was ended in Halloween: Resurrection (Terrible movie. Tyra Banks? Busta Rhymes?). Torch goes to Kirby. She's figuring what is going on and almost walking into those same moments that Sidney did in Screams 1-3 but not knowing it. The focus would be on her but it would be an ensemble. Note: Finding someone in Hollywood great at casting would make this movie. Its a character driven franchise. The movie should end with Gale dying solidifying a close in that book. Then the begining of a new but ultimately short lived book (because let's be honest, you can't carry this thing out forever). Then into Scream 5: part 2 or Scream 6 (unlikely).


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