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Good Thursday and welcome to the (very late) Weeknd movie blog for the week of July 24th. But don't you worry your little head because I also have seen 'Vacation' and will be commenting on that as well :)! So box office numbers where as follows. 'Southpaw', 'Ant-Man', 'Pixels'... everything else doesn't matter in order because they didn't get the bronze. We covered 'Ant-Man' last week, and as usual I will attempt to talk about these awesome flicks with as little spoilers as humanly possible. However I will say watch for spoilers anyway because I have this knack for getting overly excited (Like really can't you just feel the excitement? No? Good, then we are all on the same page.)


Now watching all the trailers in all the movies I went to in 2015 (and there have been A LOT!), none have had me as sourly and hopelessly stuck in a state of "Well I wonder who the hell came up with this bull...", but you know what? It was not half bad. Alright, the trailer may give away a few too many of the big reveals (like Donkey Kong), and the script may lack what I call "talent and structure and a proper plot line", but you take all that out and oh my goodness you have an entertaining concept that the whole family can kinda enjoy (and I only say this because Eileen told me to be more positive).
All jokes aside, and yes the jokes in this movie were in short supply and lazily executed.. 'Pixels' was what I thought it was going to be... horrible. Kevin James is the president of the United States in this movie (Oh joy!), and has is brought forth with a very stupid issue. There are real life huge and evil 198... whatever video game characters trying to kill off humanity. So he enlists an A team of video gamers to ward off this attack. Adam Sandler plays an under achiever, who was some kind of video game champion in 1982 (which may have been a better movie). He was boring! Like he was only there to make the same tasteless jokes from the 90's and collect a check with more zeroes then the temperature of Pluto. In fact the only light shining on this movie was Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister of the 'Game Of Thrones'). However he basically just played an American modern Tyrion Lannister. So recommendation none, would I watch it again... no.

Paper Towns:

Paper Towns
Paper Towns

Let's for a second believe that teenagers from a small town, living a small towns-existence, just happen to live secret lives, in a world where secret lives simply are not possible. Cool, you have that in your head? Perfect. Well this movie which is based off the book by the same name by author John Green basically is about Margo Roth Spiegalman's drama, and Quentin's sad relationship with her that he pines over.
Now the movie is much of the same except they make movie style changes. However the changes are understandable because at the end of the book there is no happy ending and of course you need that in a teen movie in 2015, right?
So Margo finds out her super popular and rich boyfriend is cheating on her, however it's the who he's cheating on her with that sets Margo on a path of no return "how could you" anger in which she drags her neighbor (who also loves young Margo) Quentin (who this movie is really about) into a night of crazy antics making him love her EVEN more. The next day Margo disappears and then it becomes a mystery to bring her back.
The movie was well paced and took from some of the lengthy time framing issues from the book. Comic relief came in droves but the drama was real and story was valid, recommendation absolutely, would I watch it again yes.


....and basically you have watched the whole movie. Much can be said about a good trailer, however, in the case of Southpaw they may have shared too much. Every major plot point was spoiled in the trailer itself.
With that being said, 'Southpaw' was the best movie of the weekend. The script was masterful completely beating this highly dramatic story into you and making you feel every human emotion possible. My only problem is with the ending and it's odd cut off. Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) is the light weight champion before going to a cocktail party/ charity benefit, and having all hell break lose with results in his wife (Rachael McAdams) being shot and killed. Hope then suffers from a galling depression losing the kid, the house, and the belt. Long story short the boy is screwed. Finding solace in boxing and training with Tick Will (Forest Whitaker), Hope looks to regain everything he has lost.
Note: the camera work in this movie is pure genius, and the boxing angles are wicked sweet (Boston pun... Self high five) and refreshing, however I did get a Rocky vibe in the plot (only ampified by the fact that the "Creed" trailer was in the trailer package). Of course Hope doesn't senselessly scream Maureen at the end of the movie (because she's dead), however you'll know what I mean if you get the chance to watch it. Recommendation yes, would I watch it again yes.

Vacation (Late Bonus):

In a weekend that lacked comedy (thank you Pixels for making 80's supporters cry), fear not. Only three days after the weekend ended National Lampoon is revived with this new adaptation of a cult classic Vacation or "Vacay" as the kids are saying (oh, those witty little bastards). So if your a fan of the 80's and haven't seen the originals stop reading right now, and go watch those you uninformed stupid person :)! Just kidding it's not needed in this re-vamp!
The Griswold's are back! Well kinda, the son of Clark (originally played by Chavy Chase) Rusty (currently played by Ed Helms) feels that his family is in a rut so he has the idea to take them to.... (wait for it) WALLY WORLD! The usual National Lampoon antics and this movies is actually hilarious. The road trip as is the case in all these movies is shakey to say the lease with a back ground sense of danger, this time provided by a creepy truck driver. The Griswold's have a knee slapping scene where they have their personal belongings stolen as they relax in a shady naturally heated pound or so they believe. This leads to the appearance of Chris Hemsworth's character, a Texas republican with a "girth" of accountability he loves to show off.
Ultimately you understand it's all about family building, and it has a feel good and well rounded ending. It's highly worth the watch.

Well that's this weeks (or last week's blog). Let me know your thoughts, this week I will not be doing a Weeknd Movie Blog, it's all about Mission Impossible anyway so I will give Tom and crew it's own blog entirely! Be sure enter into the poll of what the best movie of the week is below and until next time! Stay classic, mellow dramatics.


What was your favorite movie this weekend?


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