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Me and my good buddy Johnathan Johnson decided to do a collaborative project to create a live-action fan cast for an Incredibles movie.You can check out the other half of this fancast here! And since Incredibles 2 is in the works, it's perfect timing! We split up the characters between us, so here's my list! Be sure to follow the above link and read the rest of the cast!

Mr. Incredible (flashback sequence): Chris Evans

Mr. Incredible during the "glory days"
Mr. Incredible during the "glory days"

I decided for this live action movie to have one actor play Mr. Incredible during the flashback sequence at the beginning of the film and have a different actor portray the older version that appears in the rest of it. As this younger Mr. Incredible, I decided to give the role to that amazing Captain America actor, Chris Evans. Evans is certainly no stranger to superhero movies and definitely has the physique to pull off a young Mr. Incredible in the prime of life.

Mr. Incredible (movie duration): Eric Allan Kramer

Mr. Incredible: 15 years and 50 lbs. later
Mr. Incredible: 15 years and 50 lbs. later

I wanted an older actor to play Mr. Incredible for the majority of the movie, and I realized that Eric Allan Kramer was perfect for it. Not only does he have the acting chops, Eric also has the look down.

Frozone: Anthony Mackie

Now believe me, it wasn't easy to come up with a replacement for Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone. I mean the guy is perfect for it. But he's also a little bit old to be running around in blue and white tights fighting a cheap Iron Man knockoff, so I concluded that I should replace him with fellow Marvel actor Anthony Mackie. Anthony's performances have always been stellar, and his role as Falcon in Captain America The Winter Soldier is in itself proof that he can quite capably carry the role of a superhero.

Honey Best: Oprah Winfrey

Although we never actually see Frozone's wife Honey on screen, we hear her speak and hear her referenced by other characters. Casting Oprah as Honey would be great because she would bring massive star power and also be able to promote the film on her tv show. But of course we all know that the best thing about Honey is...

Mirage: Diane Kruger

Give the lady some green contacts and this is just plain "incredible" casting. Mirage is dark and mysterious, but also charming and beautiful. After roles like Helen of Troy and Dr. Abigail Chase, playing a higher-class Bond girl would be an absolute breeze for Diane Kruger.

Edna "E" Mode: Linda Hunt

'Nuff said.

Rick Dicker: Will Ferrell

If there's any actor out there who could bring Bud Luckey's gruff government agent to life, it's Will Ferrell. Give him a prosthetic nose and a gray wig, and you're looking at Rick Dicker in the flesh. Plus, Will could also use the talent he has for mickery to sensational effect with this character.

Principal Walker: Armie Hammer

As much as I despised the thought of casting an A-lister in a bit part, I felt that there was no one better suited to play Principle John Walker. I mean look at the two pictures above and then honestly tell me it wouldn't work. See? You can't do it, can you?

Bomb Voyage: Grant Gustin

Again, I hated casting such a stupendous actor in such an unimportant role, but I felt like there weren't too many other big name guys in Hollywood that would be willing to portray a character as clearly goofy as Bomb Voyage. However, after his experiences like The Flash and Glee, I think Grant Gustin is an excellent choice.

The Tricycle Kid: any little kid ever with Chris Pratt voiceover

Casting this was easy. You could literally take any kid between the ages of 5 and 7 and pull off this scene. But, for comedic effect, I wanted to have this character's dialogue overdubbed by Chris Pratt. I mean tell me that he couldn't do it and and be absolutely perfect for it!

Well, there it is! Remember to check out the other half by following the link at the beginning!


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