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Over the past five years we've seen some great new horror flicks hit the cinema, but not all of horror's best have become well known. Which is unfortunate, because I've come across a number of indie horror gems from the years 2010 - 2015, which got little to almost no hype or buzz surrounding their release. Here's my list of the best 5 modern horror flicks which you've possibly never heard of!

1. Would You Rather (2012)

Disturbing yet strangely brilliant, Would You Rather is not for the faint of heart. It features scenes that you often wouldn't expect to see on screen, even in a horror flick! It also contains some startling jump scares and unexpected deaths, but never goes for the cheesy factor. Based on the popular party game of the same name, Would You Rather has become a hugely under-appreciated horror/thriller film. Oh, and it stars indie horror legend Jeffrey Combs.

2. Chained (2012)

A flick that I'll admit to only getting round to watching last night is 2012's Chained. The movie follows a young boy who grows up under the roof of a serial killer, who he must help to abduct and murder women. It's a morbid tale, and while I will admit that the ending was a tad disappointing, all in all it's a well acted and well paced film, which has great effects and a fascinating plot that will keep you interested, despite most of the film's 90 minute run time taking place in a single house. Chained stars Vincent D'Onofrio and Eamon Farren.

3. Clown (2014)

Quite possibly the most underrated film on this list, if not the most underrated film of 2014, Eli Roth's latest horror Clown is what I can only label as a modern masterpiece. Great acting, effects, and the odd moment of dark humor, Clown contains everything that I personally look for in a horror film. The movie follows a father who becomes the victim of demonic possession after donning an old clown suit for his son's birthday party, which then transforms him into an evil, child eating monster. At times gory, yet more a psychological horror than anything, Clown is one of the best horror flicks of recent times. Period.

4. Devil (2010)

A psychological thriller which, although better known, doesn't have the highest regard among many film critics. Devil is a fantastic watch the first time round (or once you've forgotten the events that take place), as you never know who's going to drop dead next. One of the five people in the lift is the devil himself, but who? And why were these people his victims? They all link together in a very clever twist you never saw coming, revealed towards the end of the movie.

5. 100 Bloody Acres (2012)

While 100 Bloody Acres may not be the most frightening film on this list (in fact, it's almost a parody of the slasher genre), it does deliver some great laughs, scares, and a whole heap of gore. Plus, there's an appearance from Wolf Creek star John Jarratt, so what's not to love? 100 Bloody Acres stars Damon Herriman, Angus Sampson and Anna McGahan.


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