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I love Marvel, in specific, Marvel Studios. I like to read fan theories, however ridiculous they may be, and finding Easter eggs is a grand
Niall Thorley

First of all, spoilers. Duh.

Alright, so those of you who are reading this have probably already seen this film once if not multiple times. And some of you may have spotted the Quantum Realm Easter Egg. When I say this, I am of course referring to the humanoid figure who appears in the top right corner of the screen when Scott is both entering and exiting the Quantum Realm.

This Easter Egg, which is presented in the usual mysterious, "it could be anybody" fashion that Marvel loves so much, has been interpreted many ways. Some say that it is Eternity, the most powerful being in all of Marvel Character-dom, some say it's Janet Van Dyne, some say it's Peter Quill's Father, some say it's "just Thanos again", and then of course, there are mixtures of those theories, and then other, more outlandish ones (Doctor Strange or Dormammu).

While any of these possibilities, in my mind, would be fun, Marvel is smart enough not to use some of those ideas. It wouldn't be Thanos, because first of all, what would an ultimate being who floats around on a space-rock throne in space be doing in a shrunken existence? Nothing. Thanos is too busy chasing the Mistress Death around like a schoolboy. Peter Quill's father is a more viable option, but it seems like it would be a smarter move to keep him out of anything until his big reveal.

Eternity seems to be the most popular theory. Here's why that theory is wrong. Marvel has made some mistakes, but they are smart enough to not play one-up with their characters. Ever since Marvel's The Avengers, Thanos has been set in place as the ultimate build-up. He exists in the universe, and he has been pulling the strings all along. We hear multiple times in Guardians of the Galaxy that Thanos is the most powerful being in the universe. And when Ronan says, "not anymore" and then does the awesome thing with the power stone where he puts it in his hammer, Thanos shortly (and by shortly I'm talking seriously, 30 minutes, tops) is no longer the most powerful being. However, Ronan couldn't take it, and he got wrecked. Hard. That moment in the films was one of the few times that Marvel would be willing to one-up the most powerful being. The reason I have strong doubts of the existence of Eternity in this cinematic universe is that it doesn't make sense to build up to infinity war, where all characters good and bad are fighting against the most powerful being in existence, and then another guy named eternity shows up and then he's the most powerful. It doesn't make sense. It's sloppy writing. When you've established a character's place on the power food chain, you don't just add a level above him.

Who then, is this mystery figure that appears in the Quantum Realm, you may ask. Guys, seriously, you overthink things way too much. It's Janet. "But Janet would have died after all that time." Wrong. The Quantum Realm is and area where 'Time and Space become irrelevant.' She would not age, she would not starve, she would just float. Not. Dead.

Another fascinating thing that totally proves my point is the choice to not show her face. They were paying it on pretty thick that you didn't get to see her face in pictures or anything. Did they do this to keep the character mysterious? Of course not. They did this because there are future plans for Janet, and marvel hasn't cast her yet. Oooh, it feels good being right.

There you go. Have something to say? Think I'm right? Think I'm wrong? Think I'm stupid and my ideas are totally ridiculous and you hate my brain? Let me know in the comments section.


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