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Karly Rayner

Two of Hollywood's funniest females have joined forces on vacation to form a girl squad that'll make Taylor Swift's infamous posse look as dry as a ceremony at your granny's church in comparison.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer finally met each other on vacation, just two weeks after Schumer filmed herself freaking out that Lawrence had said her name at SDCC, and the pair seem to have hit it off with aplomb.

So far, Schumer and Lawrence have had more fun than anybody ever on a jet ski, despite the Hunger Games star's "maniac" speed freak tendencies...

...Clambered into the bikini-clad human pyramid that dreams are made of on the deck of a boat...

...and been all at sea with a whole horde of other fun loving women in this adorable raft shot.

Here's hoping that this beautiful new friendship is more than just a vacation fling because I would love to see these gals collaborate on something ASAP!

(Source: Uproxx)


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