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Disney and American Horror Story may seem pretty different at first glance. AHS: Freak Show was a parade of horrors, murder and frustrated lust... not the sort of thing your average Disney movie wears on its sleeve.

Still, Tumblr user Dopey Beauty has managed to mash up the two beloved sets of characters in a way that really works. The worlds of both the Disney Princesses and Freak Show are about being yourself and creating beautiful relationships with those close to you... they just come in slightly different packages!

Check out this cool Disney / American Horror Story: Freak Show mash-up art!

Elsa as Elsa Mars

Why it works: Well, they've got the same name for a start! The blue make-up is on point, and is natural for both Elsa Mars and the Queen of Arendelle. Oh, and they're also both great at pulling off a musical number...

Aladdin as Jimmy Darling

Why it works: Aladdin is the 'street rat' underdog that manages to win the heart of a Princess, and Jimmy Darling certainly has a way with the ladies!

Tiana as Desiree Dupree

Why it works: Tiana and Desiree are both very beautiful and confident, and her natural compassion would have been appreciated by her fellows in the Freak Show.

Interestingly, another blogger has imagined Tiana as Desiree, with iamdizzco drawing the mash-up on his Instagram.

Aurora as Maggie Esmerelda

Why it works: they're both beautiful blondes hiding a secret...

Ariel as Ethel Darling

Why it works: with her bizarre life journey and quest to be a 'normal' girl with legs, Ariel would have understood the plight of Elsa Mars' Freak Show. She knows how to work a song-and-dance number, regardless of legs or beard or anything else that makes her 'weird' to others.

Mulan as Bette and Dot Tattler

Why it works: Mulan is used to leading a double life, switching between her tough army persona and her more genteel side. Bette and Dot are the perfect physical embodiment of the duality within us all.

This also gives me a chance to relive Bette & Dot singing Fiona Apple's 'Criminal' - surely one of the greatest AHS moments ever? You can bet Mulan would be proud!

Source: Tumblr


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