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Now, there aren't too many pop cultural icons who can give DC's Batman, Harley Quinn and The Joker a run for their money, but if any could, there's a decent chance it'd be Frozen's Anna and Elsa.

After all, the sisterly duo have, in the space of a few short years, become legends to an entire generation of kids (and a whole lot of adult fans, too) - which is probably why the very prospect of the pair teaming up with the aforementioned DC trio is so darned exciting. Especially, as it turns out, when that teaming up is in the form of a short video animated in the Pixar style.

So, Wait, What IS This Video?

Well, remember that fantastic Frozen/Harley Quinn mashup back in 2014? The one that asked 'Do you want to kill the Batman?'

Well, as it turns out, Youtube's The Michael Smith Website took Sydney Amber's fantastic song, and animated the hell out of it.

And when I say animated the hell out of it, I mean turned it into a (super-short) pile of Pixar-style awesomeness...

...Which very much needs to be watched all the way through to the end (or at least from the 1:47 point on).

Y'see, not only do we get to see Harley Sing...

...Harley Emote...

...and Harley wander off...

...we also get to see The Mother-Frakking Batman.

Because of course we do. HE'S EVERYWHERE.

More importantly, though? Nicely played, Michael Smith (and website). Nicely played...

What do you think, though?



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