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Get ready to hold back the tears, Wolverine fans - because Hugh Jackman just dropped another load of sad, sad truth bombs on the internet.

Jackman, y'see - fresh from breaking hearts the world over by announcing that he'd be hanging up his claws and retiring as Wolverine - took to Twitter a few days ago with exactly the sort of classy, fan-engaging post that we've come to expect from the actor.

In it, he asked fans to post their ideas for his last outing as Wolverine, alongside the distinctly upsetting hashtag ...

The thing is, though - in amongst the intriguing suggestions...

...the sadness-inducing possibilities...

...the perfect ideas...

...and, of course, the Hobbit (well, Dwarf) -related confusion... man stood up, and - in classic Deadpool fashion - stole the entire damn show.

Take a Bow, Ryan Reynolds

OK, fine, take a fur rug by a fire...
OK, fine, take a fur rug by a fire...

Because this is clearly the correct response to Hugh Jackman's request:

I mean...'s...Just. So. Obvious.

Wolverine and Deadpool need to star in a 2017 remake of Top Gun.

Anything less will now officially be a disappointment.

And so, yet again, Ryan Reynolds wins at internetting.

What do you think, though?

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