ByDamien Hosea, writer at

Yes, Pokemon has been around years...I started playing when they first started and I have been playing them ever since. I honestly think that the new pokemon game can do something completely different. More customization and I don't even mean your main character. First we need a whole new battle system. Pokemon dont really stand in one spot but they move around. Maybe let me control my pokemon myself in real time and A,B,X,Y are assigned to each of their moves. The moves actually look like they're connecting to the enemy pokemon and you can see the trainer in the back ground. I'm sure fans of the cartoon will get a kick out of this. Maybe let amiibo be a part of the mix since it's nintendo new thing. Feed you pokemon with certain puffin though the amiibo cards. This will not only pull in more revenue for Nintendo but they can be traded. Last...let me be able to actually have my own house where I can finally customize myself... much better than the secret base and yes people can come over and play the pokemon trading card game.


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