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One of the most impressive elements of modern cosplay - aside from, y'know, the immense creativity required, the insane skills involved in the costume-making, and the willingness to sweat/freeze your butt off in all sorts of weather conditions - is the ability of so many cosplayers to perfectly capture not only one character they happen to look like, but an entire pantheon of assorted fictional heroes and villains.

Sure, a kick-ass steampunk Spider-Man is great and all - and when it's done well, it really is - but there's something pretty special about a cosplayer able to play a whole range of characters with the same verve usually reserved for a personal favorite.

Take, for instance, Sophie Valentine, who's just as capable of rocking out as...

Lara Croft

Serena from Sailor Moon

Emma Frost

Power Girl


And, of course...


Variety then, as it turns out, not being simply the spice of life - but also the makings of some pretty fundamentally impressive cosplaying.

Nicely played, Ms. Valentine. Nicely played...

What do you reckon, though?

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