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String has a whole variety of uses from finishing off a parcel to completing your best looking party hat. And let's not forget without string they never would have been able to fly the kite in Mary Poppins. The pretty useless looking but very useful thready friend is always there waiting for you to pick it up. I never honestly thought I would be writing an article about thread, but bear with me. You may be surprised at how creepily awesome this household item can be adapted to be. Caitlin McCormack is the artist who crafts unsettling and lifelike looking skeletons along with scientific specimens.

Are you ready to see thread like you have probably never seen it before?

A few words from the artist Caitlin T. McCormack about the macabre work:

A memory from childhood hidden within a loop of string, Interhaven is analogous with the space that resides between stitches, the interminable void we witness before and after every blink. Each time we open our eyes, the image in the darkness grows dimmer, and deviates farther from the seed of memory. These objects, composed both of something tangible and of nothing at all, are remnants of the half-world, the realm where memory's authenticity sacrifices itself to time's transmutation.


Ain't no party like a stringy bird party!

'Umbra II'

The stringy bones remind me of spider legs.. horrified.

'The Resolution'

Somehow the usually sweet seahorse looks whole heartedly sinister

'The Drain'

For those who hate snakes.. it's only string!


Well this two headed thready bird skeleton looks entirely creepy!

Supersymmetry II

So that's what happened to Bambi's Mom!


What is this human, animal monster, creepy looking hybrid? Is there a word for string phobia cause i'm feeling this now.


I guess this is slightly cuter? Poor jemima Puddle Duck

These incredible intricate pieces of sinister art hold even more meaning to the artist than they may appear on the surface. By intricately crocheted cotton string with glue procedure the material becomes structurally similar to delicate bone tissue. The artist revealed on her website:

The string implemented in this process can be viewed as the basic cellular unit of fabrication, and by utilizing media and practices inherited from my deceased relatives, I aim to generate emblems of my diminishing bloodline, embodied by each organism's skeletal remains.

I think Caitlin's work is beautifully sinister ands I just love how creative she has got with a household item that is familiar to us all. Be sure to click here and head over to Caitlin's website to see more of her creepy creations!

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