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Now, all-thing-considered, living in the Game of Thrones universe would - despite the existence of bad-ass dragons - be a pretty major downer. Even putting aside the White Walker threat, the constantly rampaging armies, and the fact that those same bad-ass dragons are more likely to eat you than befriend your viking village and teach you the meaning of familial duty, there's still a decent chance you'll die of dysentery or the pox long before you reach 30.

That being said, though, the Westerosi house sigils, words and banners are pretty darned cool.

I mean, look at this thing:

It's awesome.

It's fortunate for those of us who don't live in the bleak and bloody realm of Westeros then, that Deviant Art's Miguel Lokia (aka Lokiable) has come up with a whole bunch of new variations on the traditional house banners. The best part, though?

These Game of Thrones Banners Come With a Pop Culture Twist

First up?

10. House Wayne

Which would presumably have taken the death of a parent even worse than the Stark kids...

9. House Baggins

Just don't call them Halfman...

On a similar note?

8. House Tolkien

Like the Targaryens, but with fewer female characters.

7. House Spock

Which, notably, would very much not make the same kind of stupid mistakes Ned Stark always did.

6. House Cooper

Just try getting them off the Iron Throne...

5. House Skywalker

Fathers trying to kill sons? Incestuous twins? Beloved scoundrels?

I have no idea how Star Wars and Game of Thrones could ever work together.

4. House Rogers

Captain Westeros, anyone?

3. House Parker

And, presumably, webs of intrigue.

2. House Banner

Who presumably get seriously confused whenever they talk about calling in their banner-men...

Though not as much as:

1. House House


Nicely played, Lokiable. Nicely, nicely played...

What do you reckon, though?

via GeekTyrant


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