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Fast-forward to Captain America: Civil War. For this to truly be a Civil War, it won’t be enough to give Iron Man and Captain America personal issues, such as Cap having captured the Winter Soldier, who assassinated Tony’s father. No, there has to be a truly philosophical aspect to it. I think that registration will be proposed, just as it was in the comics, and that Stark will see in this an opportunity to build an army of metahumans. In a sense, if you have powers, then you are conscripted.

On the face of it, that doesn’t sound like too bad an idea; but Tony Stark’s life is constantly plagued by the law of unintended consequences. Give Tony Stark armor, and he leaves the prototype lying around; give him an arc reactor, and he gets poisoning; give him an Artificial Intelligence, and he unleashes Ultron.

Give him an army – and you have a war.

A Civil War.

But here's the tantalizing question: in a Captain America film, can the man representing the opposing ideology to Captain America truly remain a hero? Is this the film that will cross the line, transforming Iron Man into a villain for Phase 3?


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