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When you think of Game Of Thrones, you don't typically think of happy moments.Game of Thrones is all about royal politics, plotting, back stabbing, violence at peak levels and unexpected deaths. But the show does have its fair share of moments which can be deemed as “happy”, for the characters as well as the viewers, because we felt happy for them.

Here is my list, of the happiest moments in the cruel world of “Game of Thrones”

This post is dark and full of spoilers, do not proceed if you haven’t seen even a single episode

1. Daenerys unharmed in the funeral pyre

Non- book readers surely thought Daenerys was sacrificing herself in the funeral pyre. But what made them happy is that she not only came out unharmed, but also gave life to three dragons, which would later prove to be a game changer for Daenerys.

2. Tyrion as the Hand of the king

It is no secret that we all love Tyrion Lannister, the quick witted, sharp tongued dwarf. We enjoyed his adventures as the Hand, especially when he gets the chance to teach Joffrey a lesson.

3. Arya saved by the Faceless man

There is a saying “what goes around, comes around”. Same happened with the case of Arya. She saved the faceless man from certain death and he in turn took her under his wing.

4. Tyrion marrying Sansa

Tyrion is the safest man Sansa could have ended up in King’s Landing and we all felt relieved that Sansa would be in good hands.

5. Stannis saves the day at the wall

Though we hate Stannis and his red priestess’s antics, we felt glad that he arrived at the right time to save Castle Black from a wilding army. He was the only noble in Westeros to understand the threat of white walkers and we are glad that he did.

6. Jon Snow and Ygritte:

Though they belonged to two sides of a coin and had different agendas, we were glad that Jon Snow had finally found true love in Ygritte, even though it was short lived.

7. Oberyn almost killed the Mountain

We were devastated when Tyrion was framed in the assassination of Joffrey, but felt awesome when Oberyn volunteered to fight for Tyrion in trail by combat. Our happiness was at peak levels when Oberyn almost killed the mountain, thinking that Tyrion would be saved.

8. Jon Snow was elected the Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch

There are absolutely no words to express the feeling when Jon Snow was elected to be the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Jon started from absolutely nothing and seeing him reach the potential as a leader was great.

9. Myrcella accepting Jamie as her father

We had a great father-daughter bonding when Jamie was trying to express that he is the father of Myrcella and Myrcella revealed that she already knew and was fine with the fact.

10. Daenerys riding a dragon

When all hope was lost in the fighting pits,with danger surrounding Daenerys at every turn, Drogon flew in and saved the day. The best moment came when he turned her enemies into ashes and flew her away from the arena.


What was your happiest moment in Game of Thrones?


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