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This has been another GREAT week for Moviepilot with lots of awesome new content from our brand new Creators that has to be rewarded! Whether it's fan art, a video or an amazing article, our latest recruits continue to raise the bar. Let's not waste any time and get right down to business. Here are the Top 10 Posts By New Creators.


One of the things I'll never get bored of is looking at incredible fan art and these pieces by new MP Creator 송호종 will help you understand why. In this article he showcases 18 different Marvel pixel superheroes and that is just the tip of the iceberg because he's also created a whole bunch of DC characters. HoJong proves pixel art is far from boring! Check them out and try to guess who is who!

2. My Runaways Fancast For A Netflix TV Series BY Cassidy “Cassy” Wallace

Runaways is a Marvel comic book series that revolves around a group of teenagers who run away from home after discovering that their parents are all part of an evil crime ring. Ideas about a potential film adaptation have been thrown around in the past, but years later we still don’t have a script or a release date. That still doesn’t stop fans like Cassidy Wallace from speculating what a Runaways film or series could look like. Feel the same way about Runaways? Let Cassidy know what you think about he fan-casting in the comments!

3. New Comic Book Characters Arriving on TV BY Christopher Constantinou

If Summer is the time for movies, Fall is the time for amazing TV shows. In a few short months, our screens will be flooded with a wealth of amazing superhero shows- Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Agent Carter- the list goes on! New creator Christopher Constantinou has come up with a fantastic guide of essential autumnal viewing.

4. Top 4 Fathers in Wes Anderson Films BY J. “TAco” Badger

I believe that one of the biggest calling cards of a 'great director' is their ability to create memorable characters. Wes Anderson is one such director, and no matter how you may feel about his films, I don’t think any of us can deny that he has brought some absolutely unforgettable personalities to life on the big screen. In this case study, a new Creator J. Badger looks into some of the most memorable paternal roles in the Wes Anderson universe. Check out the full post, and let us know who your favourite Wes Anderson character is!

5. Batman Arkham Knight vs. Arkham City: Which was the Better Game? BY Naeem Ahmed

For die-hard Batman fans this might be the question of all questions. Which is better: Batman Arkham Knight or Arkham? I am sure this will divide fans all over the world, probably because it's like comparing Batman to Batman. So, which game has the better graphics, story and gameplay? Head on over to Naeem's article and weigh in on the discussion. You know you want to!

6. Does The Disney Theory Reveal Maleficent's Secret Origin Story? BY Infinight Moon

The Disney Theory - that is that the whole back catalogue of Disney are interwoven in a single shared universe - has been getting around for a while now. This new post has added another background theory to the mythology of one of the most striking and sinister villains of all time - Maleficent!

7. Which American Horror Story: Coven Character Are You? BY Paige Caroline Harvey

Need something to kill time with while you're waiting for the next season of American Horror Story to start? Head over to this quiz and find out which one of the baddest witches in town you are!

8. DCCU Fan Casting BY Sohaib Bensaidi

One of the greatest things about Moviepilot is getting to see fans sharing who they want to play their comic book idols on the big screen. We see a lot of amazing fan castings on MP, but this one is filled with bold and original choices. I've never thought about Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons as The Riddler before, but it's just about crazy enough to work!

9. Ben Affleck: Why He'll Be the BEST BATMAN BY Anthony Borrelli

In case the most recent trailer for Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer still hasn't persuaded you, Anthony Borrelli has compiled all the reasons why we should all get seriously hyped to see Batfleck in action.

10. Blade, She-Hulk... 30 Characters That Could Potentially Join the MCU Part 1 (1-11) BY Kevin Arnold

The first installment of Kevin Arnold's comprehensive allows us to get excited about the list of characters that could, sooner or later, enter Marvel's cinematic universe. From those who we have seen in non-MCU movies like Blade, to fan favorites like She-Hulk, there will definitely be a few of your favorites on this list!

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