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Here a list of options for villains for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.


Created by Lex Luthor in an attempt to clone Superman, the inception of Bizzaro comes from a test tube. Bizzaro has never been the smartest villain in Superman rogue gallery but as Superman opposite he just as strong, he can even breath fire, fly and has freeze vision. Bizzaro isn't always portrayed as a villain to Superman but with his lack of intellect he is usually a pawn in somebody scheme to try and take down Superman. Bizzaro would be a great villain for Man of Steel 2 because it deals with the implications of human cloning, this could open up a plethora of debates on societal cloning, and how would Superman handle this seeing how on his planet Krypton cloning was a big part to play and is genetic engineering the way of conception. Superman facing off against Bizzaro would be just as much as internal battle than a external battle because how would Kal-El come to reconcile with this imperfect clone he would be battling against.


Depending on the story that being told, John Corben either voluntarily or involuntarily submits his dying body to scientists, who brain is transferred to into a cyborg body with a metal alloy skeleton powered by a rare material called Kryptonite. The endoskeleton of John Corben new body not only gives him enhanced strength, stamina and speed, but also the ability to shape shift his body parts and could turn them into weapons of his choosing. Also imagine his exterior tissue tearing away during battle with the Man of Steel, that would make for some great visuals during the movie and a potentially frightening thing to witness on screen as you literally witness half man half machine. Metallo has always gave our red caped hero problems why not add on to those problems in Man of Steel 2.


Parasite is often depicted as a pink humanoid figure, Parasite is a well known Superman villain who has the ability to absorb the power and energy of a living life-form by coming into physical contact with it. This brings a great enemy to Superman and even Clark Kent to keep it distance away from Parasite at all times. Him being in Man of Steel 2 would give Superman an imposing threat where Superman can't defeat him by using his brawn but his brain to defeat this parasitic enemy. Parasite probably can't support a movie as a villain solo, he could work as a secondary villain to be featured in Man of Steel 2. Now that you got Superman origin story out of the way in Man of Steel, you can now open right into the gates with an already established Superman going into action with a thug like villain in Parasite, who not bent on controlling the world but getting his fair "share" on petty street crimes and such. Parasite even cross paths with Supergirl at one point in the comics and seeing how she was in the digital Man of Steel prequel comic who knows we might see the two kryptonians go head to head with this parasitic foe, it a bit of a wild stretch though.


There are rumors suggesting that Doomsday appears in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice and that he is the "threat" that unites Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Now if that true than some fans will be pondering how will Doomsday come back in future movies, well that question is answered because that Doomsday, he just keeps coming back and back and back. Now for Man of Steel 2 if Snyder and co. want to direct the famous storyline "The Death of Superman" where Doomsday actually succeeds in killing the Man of Steel then bringing back Doomsday would be a smart idea seeing you can't do the movie without him in it. Regardless if Doomsday is in Batman v. Superman, expect to see him down the line sooner rather than later.

Lex Luthor

I won't go into detail with this one because to be honest this one is a no brainier seeing how he is the most famous villain Superman has.

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