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Jasmyn Spann

You've probably seen some of his videos floating around on the internet, but Nathan Shields has one of the most unique, amazing talents that I have ever seen! Check out his YouTube channel for more epic pancake art including the Psy pancake!

Olaf pancake

A drink in his hand, his snow up against a burning pan (ha!), Olaf is just about the cutest pancake I've ever seen! I think Olaf would agree that some friends are worth being eaten for!

Minion pancakes

Even Gru himself would have to be impressed with these minion pancakes! I wonder if they're banana flavored?!

Harry Potter pancakes

The pancakes who lived? Let me just 'accio' those pancakes right into my mouth!

Princess pancakes

Some day their pancake princes will come. But for now...

Iron Man pancake

This one takes it to a whole different level! 3D Iron Pan-cake looks good enough to eat!


Are you hungry yet?


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