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X-Men: Days of Future Past was an amazing and stunning movie that revived the X-Men franchise and reset the timeline to get rid of the crappy movies (X-Men Origins and X3). There was a massive cast due to the fact that Bryan Singer combined the current cast with the original cast. All of the actors brought their A-Game, so here is my list of the best performances in [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942).

10. BingBing Fan: Blink

BingBing Fan did an amazing job. She had practically no lines, but with just body language and facial expressions, she definitely killed it. She was one of the last left in the battle, she stood her ground and left a mark on the audience.

9. Daniel Cudmore: Colossus

Daniel Cudmore has been around since the original films and he left his mark on the new ones. No offense to Beast, but Colossus was far more beastly than Beast was. He proved what he is capable of even though he wasn't given much screen time.

8. Ellen Page: Kitty Pryde

Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde in DoFP
Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde in DoFP

Ellen Page did a great job being the link between the past and the future. She took on more of a leadership role in the future timeline as well, and had the audience wanting more. She played her emotions very well and was one of my favorite future mutants.

7. Ian Mckellen: Magneto (Future)

Ian Mckellen didn't have much significance in this film, but with what he was given, he embraced his role and did an amazing job. He is one of my favorite roles from the future in this movie, and is awesome no matter what he is doing.

6. Patrick Stewart: Professor X (Future)

Patrick Stewart is perfect in almost everything he does. The only reason he wasn't ranked higher is that he didn't play a major part in the movie. In his most climatic scene with James McAvoy, he brings a lot of emotion and nails his role. He's done what is asked of him and brings even more to the movie.

5. Evan Peters: Quicksilver

Evan Peters easily stole the show in this movie. Despite being his first X-Men movie, he made himself one of the most memorable characters the second he popped up on screen. He brought hilarious comedic relief to the movie and played Quicksilver exactly as I imagined.

4. Peter Dinklage: Bolivar Trask

Peter Dinklage brought his immense talent to the screen and nailed the part. Bolivar Trask may be small, but he can be menacing. He played the villain flawlessly and is easily one of the best X-Men villains to show up on the big screen.

3. Hugh Jackman: Wolverine

Hugh Jackman takes what he did in the original trilogy and The Wolverine and makes the Wolverine we know and love even better. Hugh Jackman had the most screen time and he kept the movie flowing smoothly. He also expressed emotions very well. Whether it is confusion, anger, sadness or distress, Hugh Jackman plays his past perfectly and is very entertaining.

2. James McAvoy: Professor X (Past)

James McAvoy is one of the most underrated actors who delivers an amazing execution of the role of Professor X. He has a huge range, from action scenes to happy and sad moments. James McAvoy also understands the universe around him and dives right into the character he plays.

1. Michael Fassbender: Magneto (Past)

Michael Fassbender impresses me every time I see him in something, and this movie is no exception. He really puts himself into every role he does. He embraces Magneto as a character, and I personally think he does a better job than Ian McKellen did in the original trilogy. When he yells or is pissed, you believe that he wants to crush some stuff or destroy something. Michael Fassbender plays the hero and the villain both so perfectly.

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