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Y'know, sometimes I feel a little sorry for show runners, especially ones being asked to adapt beloved source material. It makes it difficult to create a well-paced comprehensive show while fans are pining only for the next big thing they know is coming. That's just the thing that current The Walking Dead show runner, Scott Gimple, has going on. No matter what cool things are in store for Season 6, many fans will have just one question... "when are we getting Negan?"

You really can't blame fans for asking this question. The introduction of The Walking Dead's biggest douche will no doubt represent a focus in the story, what with him being the most prominent antagonist since the Governor in Season 3. There's also the obvious sensationalism that would come with seeing the destruction Negan would bring upon our beloved cast, and of course that would then lead into the "All Out War" storyline. There's just one problem for fans waiting patiently.

Negan will NOT be in The Walking Dead Season 6!

Sorry. We're stuck with these guys!
Sorry. We're stuck with these guys!

We've received a full trailer, and a comprehensive cast list, and yet there hasn't been a sign of that baseball bat-loving psycho. Now, I'm sure that most fans will be watching Season 6 all the way through, scanning carefully to see if this villain is teased. For those that suspect that Negan may be left until the very end of the season to be suddenly unveiled, no... sorry. News of the casting would have gotten out, and The Walking Dead is not the kind of show to casually throw away Negan's introduction on some last minute cliffhanger.

This is a big decision for The Walking Dead

As you would expect with the introduction of a character as weighty as Negan, AMC, Scott Gimple, and the denizens behind The Walking Dead are treading very carefully with this particular beat in the show. Miscasting at this stage would be a disaster, and the outcry from the passionate fanbase would be hard to recover from. Imagine if we reached the final episode of Season 6, and upon Negan's foreboding introduction, some dude with a bat walks on who just doesn't feel quite right. That's a risk The Walking Dead is not willing to take.

Was Negan never supposed to be in the comics?

The All Out War story line!
The All Out War story line!

Here's where things get a little spoilery! So this is a possibility many fans will hate. Maybe we will never get Negan in The Walking Dead, let alone in Season 6. Allegedly, that's very nearly how things went in the comics. Robert Kirkman wanted a way to kill off Glenn, and resorted to creating animosity between he and Rick. I'm not sure to what degree of villainy Glenn would have to sink for Rick to put him down (probably not far considering Rick's recent actions), but it would have been interesting to see such a beloved character in a suddenly antagonistic role!

Alas, Kirkman didn't commit to that arc, and an outside element was brought in to be a quite literal blunt source of conflict. Since Negan initially is a plot device designed to be more terrible than the main characters could possibly be, do we really need him in the show? Maybe going with the original idea for Rick and Glenn to develop a rivalry would suit the show better! You can catch more on The Walking Dead right here! What are your thoughts? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, vote in our poll, or leave a comment below!


Should Negan be cut from The Walking Dead?


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