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The only movie I know that was designed to be watched backwards is Christopher Nolan's first film Memento. It is pretty trippy when played straight ahead like normal, but mind blowing awesome if watched in reverse. The Blu-Ray edition even has a reverse watching version as one of its extras. It is definitely worth checking out.

Some intrepid film fans have even taken to doing reverse plot deconstruction sites devoted to the hilarious meanings created from inverted movie viewing. Watching Movies Backwards is a Tumblr page devoted to just that.

The reverse plot of one of my favorite films, E.T., becomes the The Great Escape with aliens! The reverse Exorcist becomes the story of a little girl who eats and throws up pea soup and slowly gets better. Jaws becomes the sad story of a sick shark that keeps throwing up people until they are forced to open a beach.

A version of The Shining was created by sticking the forward and backward versions together. The weird double exposures created a film that matched up perfectly with the cinema released one. There was even a running debate as to whether Kubrick structured the film to play this way.

The 22 backwards examples here are culled from entries created by fans and posted at the site If you'd like to join in the insanity you can post your own reverse plots in the comment section.

1. Wall-E

2. Titanic

3. The Sound of Music

4. Superman

5. Jumanji

6. Jurassic Park

7. The Grey

8. Coraline

9. Saw

10. Groundhog Day

11. Cars

12. Lord of the Rings

13. Beauty and The Beast

14. Inside Out

15. The Blindside

16. Ant-Man

17. Ocean's 11

18. Madagascar

19. Thor

20. Fifty Shades of Grey

21. Total Recall

22. Friday the 13th

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