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It’s no secret that the MCU is way ahead of its competitors, considering the market value and success rate of its products. It’s always a joy to see the fan favorite characters on the screen, along with mind-blowing action and eye-candy visuals. They even managed to make a successful Avengers movie, where they divided the screen time for the characters without sacrificing a healthy narration. They brought every emotion to the movies, most importantly humor. The wise-cracking superheroes themselves were a treat for the viewers and at the same time they never hurt the persona of those characters. Let’s check out five laugh-out-loud moments from the MCU, that we all love. Oh, in case you haven’t seen any of these before, spoilers are ahead and you’ve been warned…

Are you worthy? (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

The second assembly of the Avengers wasn’t that much of a phenomenon as the first one was, but it had its fare share of entertainment value. Just like its predecessor, it had some funny moments, the most memorable of which was the scene in which the gang tries to lift Thor's hammer. The worth of a person to lift Thor’s hammer has always been a discussion inside and outside of cinema houses. In this sequence everyone tries and (mostly) fails to lift Thor's hammer. It’s a hilarious scene particularly because of the look on Thor's face when Captain America almost lifts the hammer.

First visit to Earth (Thor)

The first outing of the Norse god was an enjoyable ride, with a captivating performance from Tom Hiddleston as Loki. It also helped Hemsworth to solidify his tough guy image in Hollywood. Thor also featured some unexpected comic gold from the God of Thunder, when he was cast from Asgard to Earth. With his lack of understanding of Earth's customs, Thor makes a fool out of himself. Seriously, who can forget the scene where he walks into a pet store asking for a horse?

The jailbreak (Guardians of the galaxy)

Marvel’s riskiest venture as well as their most successful movie last year, Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprise even for fans. Chris Pratt stole the show with a career defining role, while others including Zoe Saldana and Bradley cooper gave a strong supporting performance. Every single character had an engaging personality, and that helped a lot when it came to action and humor. For instance, the scene where they break out of jail was a perfect blend of mindless action and genius comedy. With so many things happening in a short time span with lots of laugh-inducing moments, the jail break sequence is a perfect example of entertaining film-making.

Train crash (Ant-Man)

The latest addition to the MCU’s array of films, Ant-Man is full of humor, especially compared to the other movies.. Primarily a heist movie, Ant-Man was designed as a perfect entertainer. With a well established comedian like Paul Rudd in the lead, Marvel proved it from the beginning. Even Michael Douglas delivered some of those jokes effortlessly. While most of the comedic scenes belong to Michael Peña,, the most genius one is the climactic battle between Ant-Man and the Yellowjacket. Similar to GotG, those sequences were a perfect blend of action and humor. Even the trailers showed the scene in which ‘Thomas the Tank’ hits the Yellowjacket and derails. It was a laugh for us and a score for the MCU.

Puny god (The Avengers)

If I had to pick one scene as the funniest moment in the MCU, it would definitely be the short-lived fight between Hulk and Loki. Avengers had a number of hilarious moments including the sucker punch and Banner shouting at Romanoff. Every single one of them became obsolete when this clash came in. An infuriated Loki stops Hulk for a brief second, only to get smashed like a paddle ball, while Hulk delivers his famous line: “puny god!” No wonder the MCU continues to succeed.


Which moment made you laugh the hardest?


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