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Ryan Lytle
They seemed to have liked the characters and decided to go a whole different way with it. I wish the first class had been Angel, Beast. Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl. In X3: Last Stand, Juggernaut should have been a member of the Brotherhood long before the events of the first movie, dating back to the time of First Class. The characters' ages were changed and spanned out, many iconic mutants were omitted, and general life was completely altered. Charles was just as old looking in the First Class series as he was in the more recent comics. Magneto and Professor X were never a part of X-Men together. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were twins and, after their mother died, Magneto left them in the care of a couple to keep them safe. Rogue should be older as she bore a few children through Magneto. Kitty Pride and Colossus were a couple, Storm left to join the Avengers and she married Black Panther. Emma Frost and Cyclops ran the school after Prof. X And, another thing I would have liked was Sue Storm helping Jean Grey with her powers, Beast and Reed discussing sciences, and Bobby Drake and Johnny Storm goofing off and causing trouble.

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