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Imagine if people had been there in the mid 70s to interrogate George Lucas about what his three movie plan was for the original Star Wars series? It would probably go a little like this.

  • "What happens in this movie?"
  • "Luke blows up the death star."
  • "What about the second movie?"
  • "Luke doesn't blow up the death star."
  • "And the third?"
  • "Lando blows up another death star."

All this is the reason why I'm not pressing too far to find out exactly where this new set of movies is headed. While we can all be compelled by the ups and downs Star Wars takes us through, for many, it's simply a case of hanging out in a cool world with cool and interesting characters.

So much fuss is being made about the release of [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) that its easy to forget that in about ten years or so, we'll be looking at another complete Star Wars trilogy. That is if another trilogy isn't in production by that time, which, lets admit, it probably will be. Let's look ahead, and question just where the plot of Star Wars Episode 7 could leave us, and what the future holds for this new trilogy!

Passing the Torch

Poe Dameron is the new center of attention!
Poe Dameron is the new center of attention!

The hype for Star Wars Episode 7 has been somewhat split into two categories. That playing to the newness and fresh imagery that we've been starved of, and that playing to nostalgia and recognition. Fans get just as excited to see Finn and Rey as they do to see Han Solo telling Chewie that they're home, but what's interesting is that these two elements have not yet met.

Now, some particularly spoilery rumors have suggested that we could see a form of passing down of the torch, from the older classic cast to the newer characters to carry on as the central figures in future movies. That's a nice sentiment, though I'm not sure why an entire movie is needed for that process.

A Time Jump

The beginning of Empire Strikes Back is so great! There's the sense that time has passed, and that the naive heroes you saw in the first movie have matured into something greater in the time we've been gone. It's like finishing Season 1 of a promising TV show, then immediately skipping to the middle of Season 3. I think the transition between Star Wars Episode 7 and Episode 8 would benefit from a similar tactic, having characters like Finn and Rey aged just enough to give the sense that we're really getting somewhere!

Brand New Characters

Is this Finn's five minutes of fame?
Is this Finn's five minutes of fame?

This is a slightly unlikely idea, but the sudden ambition behind the Star Wars Anthology makes anything seem possible. Perhaps after Star Wars Episode 7, we could see a completely new set of characters driving the narrative. This isn't to suggest that the established characters for Episode 7 could just disappear, but that we could see other characters take up a protagonist-like role.

More interesting would be to see a movie from the perspectives of the villains. With talk of Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo Ren and General Hux, it seems the villains are going to have a little more nuance and variability this time around! It would be a neat switch of expectations to see the story from the perspective of Kylo Ren!

For more on Star Wars, click right here! Where would you like to see Star Wars Episode 7 end? Let us know your ideas with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in out poll, or by leaving a comment below!


Where would you like to see Star Wars Episode 7 end?


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