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If you are like me then this is a great time of year for the fact that football is back, which means fantasy football is back!!!!! Now I am a huge football fan, I am also a huge superhero fan and while thinking about the upcoming season I started to think about how awesome a superhero fantasy football team would be. For those of you not familiar with how fantasy football works, you pick a team based off the entire NFL while picking against other people. This list will be a little bit different because I will be drafting a complete team based off characters from both Marvel and DC along with superhero's and villains. So here is my list for a starting offense, defense, and kickers.

OFFENSE (2 RB's, 2 WR's, 1 TE)


Captain America - The leader of the team has to be none other than the leader of the Avengers Mr. Red White and Blue himself Captain America. He has proven that he can be a leader and he clearly has great accuracy with how well he throws his shield.

Running Backs

Superman - Faster then a speeding bullet and super strength along with tons of other powers... who wouldn't want this guy on their team. He could be break threw any defense and be the power back any team would love to have. (His laser vision would also come in handy if he is in a dog pile grabbing a fumble)

Flash - Fastest man alive as your running back... Umm yes please. If I was drafting, the Flash would be my overall number one pick. Who is going to be able to catch him if he is in the open field. He would already be in the endzone and some of the D-Line Men might not even be out of their stance yet.

Wide Receivers

Mr. Fantastic - A guy who can stretch his body to unimaginable lengths, can you imagine the catch radius this guy would have. The ball could be thrown anywhere on the field and he could make sure he got it. Heck, even Tim Tebow could make a completion to this guy (just joking Tebow fans, please don't kill me).

Spider-Man - I mean the guy has webs coming out of his hands... well not really but you know what I mean. With his ability to climb walls with hands that stick to anything, he would make Odell Beckham Jr. look normal with the amazing one handed catches he could make.

Tight End

Silver Surfer - Dude is super strong and super fast. He is the Rob Gronkowski of the Superhero world. I think he would be a great player at any position but with the mix of speed and power, tight end is just a perfect fit.

Offensive Line

Im looking for the big nasty's on this one. I want guys who are super powerful and not afraid to stick their nose in there and get dirty.

Thing, Juggernaut, Abomination, Red Hulk and Rhino

These are 5 guys you don't wanna run into in a back alley

DEFENSE (4 DL, 3 LB's, 4 DB's)

Defensive Line

These are the big guys who just like to be mean. They get pass the offensive line and destroy running backs and quarterbacks.

Hulk, Beast, Martian Manhunter, Batman

All for of these guys will lay a major smack down on you to the point you don't want to get up after taking a beating from these guys. (Side note, i'm pretty sure the Hulk already plays in the NFL and his name is J. J. Wyatt)


These are the brick walls and leaders of the defense. They are the most powerful on the field. When they are going one on one vs a running back, you always want to put your money on these ones.

Wonder-Woman, Thor, Colossus

All three of these heroes I would pick to win in a battle of one on one so I don't see many offensive players getting past them.

Defensive Backs

These are the last line of defense. If the offense gets past these guys then they score, if the villains get past these guys then the earth is destroyed.

Corner Backs - Green Arrow, Green Lantern

The Green brothers could blend into the field with their green costume and then strike when the ball is in the air to make an interception. If they dont make the pick then at least they will lay a smack down on someone.

Free Safety - Ironman

He can monitor everything from the background and make a judgement call where he sees fit.

Strong Safety - Wolverine

Just let this guy roam around and hit whoever he feels deserves a beat down



She-Hulk - You always want someone with a strong leg who can kick in any condition. Not only is She-Hulk super strong but she kicks some serious butt so I have no doubt she could kick a football.


Luke Cage - He is really strong and has super skin. He would be able to punt the ball a long ways I would bet. Plus I don't know if I would want to try to stop him from running a fake punt.

Here is my ultimate superhero/villain fantasy football team. This was my first article and probably last since i'm not sure when I will come up with another idea that interests me enough to write about it but please, tell me what you thought in the comments. I'm sure there are many spelling and grammatical errors in the article to so please forgive me for those, I am a math teacher so English isn't my strongest subject


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