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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise has gone through many changes over the years. They were my favorite movies when I was little. One of my earliest movie theater memories is going and seeing the first one with my Grandma. After watching the re-boot, I was a little disappointed with some of it. I am looking forward to the second one because many of my complaints about the first one might be getting addressed.

One of my complaints was some important characters being absent from the first re-boot. Casey Jones, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady. I understand why Krang was not in the original trilogy. A character of his nature would require more advanced special effects than what was available in the late 1980's early 1990's. While Krang has been rumored to appear in this next film, the other missing characters have been confirmed.

There were a couple of cool parts in the re-boot, but for the most part I felt it was a toy commercial. I feel Michael Bay did not capture the same kind of magic for the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", as was seen in the Transformers movies. I am hoping that the future movies provide some dialogue that will help build more value to what happened in the first movie. It left me with a sense that there was something incomplete about it, and not in the way a movie leaves room for a sequel at the end.

I am glad that re-boot did not do what Nickelodeon has done by making the Ninja Turtles aliens. It helps the story for having a means of going to and from Dimension X, but it takes away from the original origins a lot.

I started out by talking about the new ones so I could get most my frustrations out of the way. The original trilogy is still awesome even though I feel they could have gone a little bit farther as a movie series.

I think that #2 is the best of all three, having the least appreciation for #3 even though I loved them all. I do feel that it was how many others felt about #3 that led to that being the final movie of that era. I enjoyed the time traveling concept; however, it seemed like fans were definitely looking for something else after how great #2 is. I find this strange since many will agree that the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time", the video game, was probably the best game they had. The replay value on that game is so high, that I will still go back and play that game. I hate to say it, but a different storyline for #3 might have prevented the franchise's phase out shortly after. Had #3 been done to the satisfaction of the main fan base, we might have seen the Ninja Turtles count to #6.

The Ninja Turtles like Batman, really helped paved the way for other comic book movies. Many seem to forget that Ninja Turtles were a comic book series before they got a cartoon show. Much like Batman, it started out with much darker environments and villains. Mainstreaming has made both ideas marketable to children. Ninja Turtles turned out to be a way better children's show than Batman in my opinion, even though they can both do dark and gritty. There are some science experiences that Baxter and Krang engage in that create some hideous creations, beyond the mistakes Baxter had made on himself. Seeing the Ninja Turtles fight those monsters in live-action without censorship, would make any fan's dreams come true.

My last main frustration is the lack of Dimension X. While it was not too large a part of the original material as far as comics go, it made the basis of the 1980's cartoon. I hope to see it as a way for Shredder to replenish his Foot Soldier numbers after the first re-boot, and give the Ninja Turtles the unique challenges he is infamous for sending at them. While Shredder remains interested in world domination, Krang should remain interested in human extermination. They should still only be allies because of their common enemies. Krang being done wrong can and will, ruin a good movie...

I will be more critical of re-boots than I will normal movies. Re-boots that are made without any sense of the original, tend to kill the entire concept of stories for many fans. There was an overwhelming amount of speculation that Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, would do what the new cartoon has done. While that might have been cool to try, I remember a live-action Ninja Turtles show that only ran a couple of episodes because it was considered to be so bad. This broke my heart as a young child, I remember being excited about it. I would rather see this franchise handled and developed in a way that will give it more of a future than what has been provided for it in the past, than see anything with some potential end up being just another flash in the pan. Fans know what they want out of this series, filmmakers do not need to experiment too much more. The worst thing Michael Bay could do to himself in the future, is ignore the feedback coming from fans of the 1980's.



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