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The soundtrack for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, composed by Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass, has been released and while looking at each title I realized that with this extra peace of info and all the trailers released so far, it was pretty easy to break down the plot of the film, here is the scrore:

1. Fantastic Four Prelude

2. Transporting the Car

3. Science Fair

4. Arriving in the City

5. Boardroom, Baxter’s Lab

6. Reed Enters the Lab

7. Meeting Victor

8. Johnny In the Lab

9. Building the Shuttle

10. Elder Arrives

11. Neil Armstrong

12. Quantum Shuttle

13. First Footprints

14. Planet Zero Escape

15. Elder and Storm, Ben’s Drop

16. Real World Applications

17. Elder Pressures Storm

18. Looking For Reed

19. Ben’s Mission, Finding Reed

20. Storm Talks With Johnny

21. Return to Planet Zero

22. Victor’s Wake

23. In Pursuit of Victor

24. Confrontation

25. End Titles

So, let's break this down:

The film will open with Reed Richards as a kid inventing this machine in Ben Grimms house and trying to teleport a toy car in an another dimension. He will probably present the machine at a Science fair and I guess thats going to be his big breaktrough.

Years later, Mendel Storm is going to have trouble with the big bad military guys who are going to want results after years of financing Storm. Thats when hes going to think about this genius kid who unveiled an amazing invention years earlier at a science fair, and decide to call him in. Reed arrives in New York, probably for the first time, and comes in the lab. There he meets Victor Domashev (still sounds better than Von Doom), Johnny and Sue Storm, and brings in his pal Ben Grimm. They all become friends and eat chinese takeaway food while working on their science project, the "Quantum Shuttle". Reed, Ben, Johnny and Victor all go to an alternate dimension, "Planet Zero", where they stumble upon strange green rocks wich of course iradiates them and gives them powers instead of just killing them. They manage to get back to the shuttle and come back to Earth, but also blow up the Baxters lab in the process. I dont know what exactly gives Sue her powers, since she stayed on Earth. Im guessing their return creates some kind of power "wave" and affects her.

Now, i would like to point out were already half way trough the soundtrack, wich probably means they get their powers halfway trough the film.

So now the big bad governement military guys are thinking about "Real word applications", meaning every villain plan in superhero films nowdays: Militarization! Yay! So they bring the team of young geniuses to this secret base in a remote place in Alaska or something to study their new abilities. There, the heroes get to know their powers and how to control them, Johnny is having fun with them, Bens sulking because hes ugly, and then, Reed disappears. We dont know where hes going (we only know from the trailers its a green looking place) or why hes leaving. Ben finds him, and isnt very happy about it, as he tries to hit him. It could be because of his condition, but it is probaly related to why Reed left in the first place.

And then, Doom "awakes".

He will probably feel like Venom in Spider-Man 3. The bad guy comes in there at the end because the heroes need to fight something. Maybe in this Dooms ability will be to open portals between dimensions? We see a second team being send to Planet Zero in an other shuttle. That could be the F4 but im guessing those are people the military send so that they come back with the same powers and use them for war. Doom is probably going to sabotage that second expedition and create some massive damge in the process as we saw in the most recent trailer

So overall, the only bit of info really missing is why does Reed leave the secret militay base? Im actually kind of dissapointed. This is how the film will go:

00-0h55: Reed as a kid, the team building the shuttle and coming back with powers.

0h55-1h25: Them dealing with their powers and Reed escape

1h25-1h46: Dooms awake, big and short fight, roll credits!

Not much there in my opinion.

But what do you think? Are you excited for the Fantastic Four?


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