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Hello! Today, I am giving my opinion on Barbara Gordon in the DC Cinematic Universe and how she can interact within it. (Note: This is spoiler territory and contains rumors.)

So, yesterday I found out that Jena Malone was cast as Barbara Gordon in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Of course, this could still fall into a rumor category. But if it's true, I'll be so excited. I don't know if she'll appear as Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, or Oracle. So, let's begin.

How Could They Show Jena?

Looking good Johanna, I mean, Jena.
Looking good Johanna, I mean, Jena.

Rumor has it Commissioner Gordon could be dead in this universe. Who killed him? I'm guessing Joker. So could they show a flashback showing Bruce and Barbara outside a hospital room?

Or, do we see Joker shoot Barbara in the back like in the famous storyline, "The Killing Joke." Here's a refresher.

Can we see this?
Can we see this?

So, can we see this? This can set up Oracle for the future in the DC Cinematic Universe. Maybe in the Batman's solo movie? Or aiding the Justice League? I hope so!

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How Will Jena Malone Appear in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice?


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