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Lots of good stuff is starting to be revealed about Jessica Jones, Marvel's next joint venture with Netflix. We've seen a few new pictures from the set, have had the official logo revealed, and heard glowing praise for it from Jessica's original creator, Brian Michael Bendis.

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg recently did a video interview with ET Online, and, along with the logo being displayed, she also let us in on a few more interesting tidbits about what we can expect.

As we know, the show will focus on Jessica's private investigating after she's left the superhero world behind. But in the comics, before she went off to live a (relatively) normal life, she'd adopted various superheroine monikers by the names of Jewel, Knightress, and Power Woman. Although she'd always been a powerful ally to the Avengers, the superhero life never sat quite right with her, despite her considerable powers. Still, it was a large part of her life, and Rosenberg hinted that we might see Jessica as one of those previous superhero aliases, saying that they would "hit on it."

Jessica Jones as Jewel
Jessica Jones as Jewel

Also of interest is the first confirmation that we're definitely getting a crossover between the first two Netflix shows. We will be seeing Rosario Dawson's Daredevil character, Claire, crossing over and making an appearance in Jessica Jones' world, confirmed Rosenberg:

I think I'm allowed to say: Rosario Dawson will be dropping in. Smaller characters that populated that world will be popping in.

Key words there: "smaller characters". That means more than likely no Matt Murdock crossing over in the first season. Show producers have already made it clear they'd like to establish Jessica in her own world before introducing Matt Murdock.

As Dawson's version of Claire is an amalgamation of Claire Temple (romantic interest for Luke Cage, at one point) and Night Nurse, a regular human who nevertheless helps injured superheroes in secret, often pro bono, it makes sense we'd see her crossing over from show to show. She has at least loose ties to every single superhero anchoring their own Netflix series, so Dawson's role could grow into a very cool, connective tissue between them all.

Jessica Jones will premiere on Netflix later in 2015.


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