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Josh Goldenberg

Here's the thing about the new Spider-man in MCU...the REAL origin story of Spider-man's becoming of a hero was not very fast, as a matter of fact, before Uncle Ben dies, Spidey makes TV appearances to make money for a new car! It is at a tv studio that Peter lets that robber go that ends up killing Ben! So, I agree with some of the comments that a short netflix series would be good, something to show Spidey's origin in more detail! My only issue is this, how are they putting Spidey as a CAMEO in Civil War before he is PROPERLY INTRODUCED TO THE MCU!?! In the comics, Spidey is a pivotal character in the "Civil War," so a simple CAMEO dose not do that any justice. Also, how can they put Spidey in a movie that should be taking place YEARS after he becomes Spider-man (he was an adult btw) before his solo movie as a HIGH SCHOOL TEEN?! I mean yes, I get that MCU had gotten the right to use Spidey after they started stuff for Civil War, but I mean come just feels weird...Spidey is not supposed to be a kid in Civil War! He was much more experienced by then as an adult, yet they use a 15-year-old version of him when he should be in his twenties! I rubbs me the wrong way, please leave in the comments your thoughts!


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