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2015 has been a huge year for movies. We got Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World with Star Wars still to come! Not to mention Mad Max, Inside Out, Furious 7, Mockingjay Part 2 and Ant-Man, just to name a few. How could 2016 possibly follow a year like this? Well, I’m going to tell you now that 2016 will not only successfully follow, but it will top 2015!

2016 is shaping up to be the biggest year of blockbuster movies we have ever seen! We’ve got superheroes, orcs, pandas, fish, models, assassins, magicians and even a new Princess. Sure, a year with two Pixar movies and Star Wars will be tough to beat, but a Finding Nemo sequel and two massive superhero showdowns might just do the trick.

It’s tough to narrow down the list of great movies set for release next year, but here are the top 10 movies to get excited about for 2016:

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - November 18

I am definitely not a Harry Potter fan, but this is interesting. Any time you get a prequel to a beloved series of movies, you know people are going to see it. The storytelling abilities of J.K. Rowling will translate to the big screen once again and we will have yet another Harry Potter based blockbuster on our hands.

2. Suicide Squad - August 5

You’re going to notice a very heavy Marvel and DC presence on this list. I apologize for my inability to feel apologetic. To be honest, I’ve had some reservations about this movie. I think it may be hard to bring in an audience and introduce all of these new characters while giving them all enough screen time to really shine. But when that trailer came out I could not help but get excited. A great cast is already in place, so now we just have to see if the story will deliver.

3. Warcraft - June 10

Growing up I used to play the old Warcraft. Not World of Warcraft, I’m talking about the original. I always thought it had a great story and would make for a great film. It had just the right amount of magic scattered throughout an interesting war story. I don’t know much about what has been added to the story recently, or how it has been changed, but I’m holding out hope that it will resemble the original game.

4. X-Men: Apocalypse - May 27

Apocalypse is one of my favorite villains in the Marvel Universe. I’m not thrilled with the fact that he looks like a modern day Ivan Ooze, but I still think he is going to make for a great bad guy on the big screen. We’re also going to get some of our favorite returning characters and some interesting new ones. The new cast playing the younger versions of previous characters adds another interesting dimension to the film. There are certainly a lot of question marks around this one, but it has the potential to be the best X-Men movie we’ve ever had.

5. Assassin’s Creed - December 26

I’m not a gamer and I have never played this one at all. I have, however, watched other people play it and it is visually incredible. The fighting style is fascinating to watch and the element of excitement is there throughout. Putting Michael Fassbender in the lead role is just the icing on the cake. Here’s hoping this will open the flood gates for a bunch of other video game movies to follow.

6. Doctor Strange - November 4

It’s pretty much a rule for me that if the movie takes place in the MCU, I’m looking forward to it. Strange has never been my favorite character and I can’t say I know a ton about him. That didn’t stop me from pounding my foot in excitement when I heard his name dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I expect him to play a huge role in the MCU moving forward and can’t wait to see his first appearance.

7. Finding Dory - June 17

Is anyone not excited for this? Finding Nemo is in the conversation when you talk about Pixar’s best, and in my opinion they have yet to make a bad movie yet. Sure, Cars 2 wasn’t great, but it was still far from bad. They don’t miss, and this will be no exception. They’re going to bring back some of our favorite animated characters ever and will allow us all to just keep on swimming.

8. Deadpool - February 12

The hype for superhero movies is at a new high heading into 2016. While this one may be right at the center of all that hype, you have to ask one question: is it really even a superhero movie? Deadpool is anything but a traditional superhero, and that’s what makes him so interesting. I have never seen an actor as into his character as Ryan Reynolds is into Deadpool. It’s really cool to see something like that and I think it will show in the final product. I fully expect this to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

9. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - March 25

Ingredients for a blockbuster: Based on existing media - check. Sequel to a previous film - check. Batman - check. They could put tickets on sale now and most theaters would sell out in a week. We know how much every little bit of information on this film is broken down and dissected meticulously to squeeze every drop of excitement from it. All DC really had to do was post a logo and give us a title and we would be in line right now waiting to get a seat. The hard part though, will be making it live up to all of the hype. We’ll have to wait and see!

10. Captain America: Civil War - May 6

I only relatively recently started reading comics. In the last 5 or so years, I have read maybe 200 comics covering about 10 major Marvel events. Civil War is by far my favorite. I do have my doubts about the movie, but I am slowly coming to terms with it greatly differing from the source material. Aside from that though, there are so many reasons to be excited about this. We’re going to see Cap and Iron Man fight, we’re going to see new characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther and Baron Zemo and we’re going to see something huge happen that will shake up the future of the MCU (maybe). I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

There are a lot of great movies that didn’t make my list because 2016 is packed full of exciting films. We don’t know which movie will make the most money or which one will win the most awards, but we do know that the real winners are the fans.



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