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It lived, it died, it lived again -- and now, amidst a crowded lineup of upcoming reboots, it looks as though production on a remake of The Crow has reportedly been halted once more.

The latest cancellation comes amidst the news of Relativity Media filing for bankruptcy, according to ScreenDaily:

Production on the remake of cult classic The Crow has been “suspended”, according to multiple sources close to the film.

Pre-production on the multi-million pound feature, which was due to be the first shot at Pinewood Cardiff, has halted, with crew having vacated the studio this week following months of preparation.

The film has traveled a rocky road leading up to production, first losing Luke Evans as it's lead, and quickly parting ways their second choice, Jack Huston, not long after.

The site goes on to doubtfully describe "optimism" amongst it's Hollywood connections regarding the film's potential to continue production:

While a number of industry connected to the project expressed optimism to Screen that the production would still go ahead, the development comes at a time when uncertainty surrounds a number of Relativity-backed productions.

Along with the studio-based financial struggles, a hefty amount of fan backlash and remake fatigue has stirred up controversy, particularly due to the film's relevance to goth culture in the 90's and it's firm place as a cult classic. The original film was led by Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee, who was killed on set when he was shot with a defective blank. His death during the film's production has also played a big part in fan dedication, as many fans have expressed distaste at seeing anyone else fill the role that he made so very iconic.

The remake is still up in the air, with over 75 Relativity staff members having recently been laid off, but fans will have to wait with baited breath until Relativity's bankruptcy case has passed.


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