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Hollywood today seems to be dominated by the horror genre and superhero movies. Personally, I love the movies of both of these styles, however, the idea of a land outside of time is one that has captured the imagination of writers and audiences alike for years. Unfortunately these types of movies seem to have been left out of late. I love movies that feature a land untouched by time, a place where prehistoric creatures such as gigantic lizards still roam the Earth. The concept that there can be a place that, despite being a place on Earth is like stepping into another world, is one that is naturally gripping to people. So here is the perfect double bill for all those brave explorers out there.

Jurassic Park (1993)

Jurassic Park is of course on of the most beloved movies in film history. It is a fantastic adventure that includes some absolutely iconic scenes. The soundtrack is key to the heartfelt and emotional moments of the movie. Were it not for the genius score this landmark movie may not have been the childhood defining experience that it turned out to be for a lot of people. The brilliant work by the fantastic cast can not be understated either. There is a kind of magic to Jurassic Park to the movie that will sucker in anyone that witnesses it. The special effects on the dinosaurs is incredible for the time and still holds up today. Due to the excellent execution of the creatures that have been brought back from extinction and the setting, the viewer really feels like they have travelled into a sort of land outside of time. A strange place where beasts of a time long past exist.

King Kong (2005)

From one movie about dinosaurs out of time to another, I would say the perfect second feature is King Kong. Peter Jackson's King Kong remake also chronicles the journey of a group of explorers venturing into a dangerous land that time forgot. The remake of the story of Skull Island is actually a period piece as well as a story of humans encountering monsters. It is actually set in the 1930s. The movie begins as a historical drama about the struggles of average people during depression era America. The movie soon transitions into an adventure through a land untouched by time and technology. Prehistoric dinosaurs walk the Earth as does a gigantic ape. Both movies feature intrepid explorers as they discover that there is a place where dinosaurs still live. Which includes perils such as avoiding stampedes of Brontosaurus and vicious raptors. Oh and did I forget to mention, Tyrannosaurus rex awesomeness?

So for a double bill of adventure, I would say King Kong and Jurassic Park make the perfect pairing. Jurassic Park has a softer edge than King Kong. As it includes the typical warmth and heart of a Spielberg film. The differences don't stop there, the setting and time period is very different. The stories contrast greatly as the characters are trying to achieve very different things. Although this isn't to say that the two movies wouldn't work well as a double feature. In fact their differences are probably what make them a good pairing, it means that you don't feel like you are watching the same movie twice.


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