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Camp Firewood is back campers, and it's crazier than before! I'm a huge fan of the original movie, Wet Hot American Summer, but even I was a bit skeptical of revisiting these characters in this Netflix series. I was even more nervous when I heard that the series would be a prequel using all of the same actors. How the hell were they going to pull off playing the same characters more than 10 years later? Well, fear no more because holy hell this is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a very long time! So, let's break down a couple ways in which this aged prequel kicks total ass!

The First Day

If you've seen Wet Hot American Summer, you know that the whole movie takes place on the last day of summer camp. This time around, we are shown the entire first day of camp as well as all the beginnings of each character. I love the obvious call backs to the original movie like the bus full of kids, the musicals, the bunk changing in the morning, prank calling, and fridge humping. It's great having the whole day be stretched out into an unbelievable amount of time and have minutes turned into hours.

New Characters

Some of the best moments of this entire series belong to the new characters that were introduced such as Jon Hamm's The Falcon, Chris Pine's rock-genius Eric, John Slattery's Claude Dumet, or Weird Al's Jackie Brazen. What has always made Wet Hot American Summer great were the crazy characters, and introducing equally insane characters into the already impressive cast was nothing short of awesome! My favorite is Jon Hamm's The Falcon, but Chris Pine's Eric was also excellent.

Origin Stories

With this being a prequel, we were bound to get some origin stories for our favorite campers, and they did not disappoint! My favorite character, Gene, got some well-deserved spotlight on his experience in "The Nam." It was a hilarious ride to go from the huge haired, well-mannered Gene to the fridge-humping, crazy-eyed, PTSD Gene we all know and love. Another origin that was definitely something I would have never expected was Elizabeth Banks' Lindsay. She was the air-headed, gross, sexually-crazed blonde from the movie, who actually turns out to be a 24 year old magazine journalist undercover to find out the true story behind Camp Firewood. This sort of out in left-field story telling is exactly what I wanted from this show!

Aging Up and Down

As I mentioned before, the biggest concern I had going into this was the fact that the show was a prequel yet it'd been 15 years since the last look at these characters. However, after just the first 5 minutes those concerns were tossed out of the window! They immediately make it obvious that everyone is aware of the extreme age difference and go out of their way to make fun of it. Whenever a character says, "I'm 15!" it just makes it even funnier because they were nowhere close to that age in the first movie, let alone now. This recognition actually helps set the tone for the hilarity that ensues in the coming 24 hours.

What's Next?

We get to go back to Camp Firewood for 8 amazing episodes, and there is still story left to tell. I'm hoping that they can pull together even more seasons because they have a great formula here. You can see the enjoyment of each actor playing a large or even minor role. I'm sure they'd love doing more episodes as much as we'd love watching them!

So, there you have it folks! If you haven't already finished binge-watching like I have, I encourage you to check it out! If you haven't seen the movie, it is also on Netflix, and I hope you watch that too! Be sure to let me know what you thought of the show if you've seen it! Thanks for reading guys!


Which did you like more? The movie or the Netflix series?


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