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Rumor has it Scoot Mcnairy is going to be playing none other than Jimmy Olsen in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice. Per Heroic Hollywood "Last year a website called The Devils Eyes claimed that the actor is playing Jimmy Olsen, a well recognized character from the comics who is an investigative reporter and photo-journalist at the Daily Planet, as well as friend of Superman, but with an interesting twist. The character was present during the Black Zero event and lost his legs after they were pinned under falling building rubble. According to our sources, that information is indeed accurate.

What do you guys think of this recent report? Personally I think it real seeing how Mcnairy was spotted wearing green socks on his feet suggesting that his legs are indeed gone resulting from the battle of Metropolis. If you have any thoughts make sure to comment down below and don't forget to share this article and follow my page for more content.


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