ByLorenz Armstrong, writer at

Plans for a feature film adaptation of Stephen King's It have been bouncing around for a while. News of acclaimed directors, odd casting, financial disputes, directors leaving, and lots of mixed reactions from fans has followed the project and eclipsed any excitement that fans of the original book may have had.

Well, not this fan. Although I enjoyed the 1990 miniseries version (featuring a legendary performance from Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown) I've long thought that this work merited a full scale movie treatment (preferably two, one covering each half of the book). And I held out hope for the project. Though I was (apparently the only one) thought that True Detective was overrated and the director was a bad pairing with this material. And, I thought Will Poultor was a strange, risky, and ill advised choice for the central antagonist I still had hope.

Well, all of that has changed now. The director has changed, and rumor has it that it's jumped to the genre experienced man who helmed the sleeper hit Mama. Casting is up in the air and ripe with possibilities. Maybe this project can transcend all its stumbling blocks and embrace the great piece of horror fun that it has the potential to be.


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