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James Wood

Mutual love and agreements can be great, but mutually hating something can sometimes be better, venting your anger and disappointment in something is strangely relaxing but in this case, with this film, I don't think I've met anyone that mutually agrees with me when I say this is one of absolute worst movies I have ever seen.

Now You See Me is a convoluted gimmick that thinks it's so smart but really it's laughably bad. The story is a complete mess, and it's so predictable that when twists are revealed you either rolls your eyes or just yawn, I did both. I don't tend to give spoilers away but screw it, you won't be amazed otherwise. When Mark Ruffalo's character reveals himself as the all-seeing mystery man, all seriousness and believability fades completely, feeling like a shoehorned in twist to make up for the fact this film has no idea where it's going, even the tagline "the closer you look, the less you'll see" screams out the obvious the whole time.

I'll admit it's got a flashy cast, but the real shame is that their performances aren't that great. Eisenberg's nerdy charm is starting to wither away, Harrelson's comedic timings are poor and irritating but Isla Fisher boasts the strongest stage presence as one of the four Horsemen. The real shame is that Dave Franco is severely underused. It's actually Melanie Laurent that delivers the best though, as a French interpol agent who is very witty and smart, and her character arouses suspicion as the camera seems to focus on her quite a lot hinting at something, most of my score in this review goes towards Laurent.

The police in this movie are portrayed as complete idiots, always more than one step behind the magicians, hopelessly sluggish, and the cat and mouse elements really suck. The action is vapid and boring, the only decent scene is Franco and Ruffalo's fist-fight which only lasts for a minute or two.

This movie disguises itself as clever spectacle. Seeing magic in real life is dazzling and fun, but in this CGI heavy mess all the awe of seeing magic is gone as all the visuals only further add to how fake it all looks. Seriously, you're better off watching an episode of Dynamo. Now You See Me stretches out its ending and fills in even more twists making it more preposterous and mundane, and Letterier's constantly spinning and panning camera-work is just a filler to disguise the fact there is nothing to hide. What a load of rubbish.


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