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Holland Roden, the star from the MTV show, "Teen Wolf", has showed us her incredible acting skills. From being completely afraid to being completely drugged. Holland has basically proven herself worthy of any role. Not only does her ginger hair fit for Crystal Amaquelin, but so does her personality. It will also give Holland a new opportunity to show the rest of the media her powerful acting skills, plus, it'll give her a great experience.

Crystalia Amaquelin is an inhuman who's loved by her teammates and pretty much everyone she meets. They call her the "people's princess" for an obvious reason. It would be no shocker if Holland got a role in such that she is loved by everyone. Like "Lydia" who is loved by her friends and in particular "Stiles", Holland gives out this loveable feeling to her audience. It's like she does everything just right to give out this loveable feeling to her fans and to people who have watched her play out a role. Both Crystal and Holland share physical and personality similarities. They're both ginger, have green eyes and are compassionate on helping others. Holland's character, "Lydia", has done everything she can to help people from dying meanwhile using her banshee powers. Now just picture her with Elemental. Picture her saving the world and being compassionate about it. Don't tell me I'm the only one who has this beautiful vision!

In conclusion, Holland can jump and be Hollywood's next super heroine and still look amazing while doing it like Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen.


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