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Dan Maiorana

So, yesterday marks the day I got done rewatching Blue Mountain State. I figured since the movie was coming out soon, why not get familiarized with my favorite fictional football team.

From what I can see the people at Blue Mountain State couldn't catch a break, their first season they came out hitting the blocking sled like gangbusters. At the end of their season Sam Jones gets himself into some trouble and has to do a brief stint in jail (10 months). So, Season 2 starts up and introduces Page Kennedy as Radeon Randell, and Sammy's (Romanski) Sister Mary-Jo, who is played by Frankie Shaw. The season didn't lose any steam from the first, and it was equally, if not funnier than Season 1. Especially with their Thad and Sammy centric episodes, they had me in stitches.

Season 3 is where things kinda fell a bit flat, the jokes were a bit played out and while seeing Thad not enter the NFL draft was mildly upsetting, I knew he had to come back. Mary-Jo disappeared half-way through the season, with Radeon "leaving" as well. The season three additions saw Anthony Lemke as Coach Gilbride. Unfortunately his character was the weakest and his character wasn't comedic whatsoever.


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