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The latest Netflix original series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, has come crashing in, and I can say with complete certainty, it is hands down the best thing that has happened all summer.

There was great anticipation and apprehension while waiting for this cult classic to be resurrected. Even knowing the entire original cast was coming back, I still had questions and concerns. A movie is one thing... but a season of episodes... how is this going to work??

As I binged my way through the episodes, I was quickly relieved of those nagging queries. The additions to the cast have been a very fun surprise, and the ridiculous factor has been amped up considerably. Hard to imagine, right?

Susie and Ben - cutest couple?
Susie and Ben - cutest couple?

What I love most about this is getting to see these wacky camp counselors and their interactions BEFORE the last day of camp in the movie. Susie and Ben a couple?? Vic telling everyone, including Neil how many chicks he's been with... and Coop... poor Coop - he's got a real problem chasing women who just like to play cat and mouse with him; thankfully for us though, because it's hilarious.

But the most revealing tidbit from this prequel series so far as been the origin of the can of veggies that camp cook, and Nam Vet, Gene (Christopher Meloni) calls his friend. Far-fetched and ridiculous, yet still perfectly suitable for this absurd world, it helps to hold onto the feel and tone of the original, and gives the basis to the overlying storyline of the First Day of Camp.

There's something special about a group of people that agree to come back to make shows like this, 15 years after bringing these characters to life. There's something even more special about at network (let's face it, that's what Netflix is becoming) that agrees to bring back these people with a new story to cater to a generation that craves this brand of humor.

If not for Netflix resurrecting shows and comedies of this ilk, I would fear for the state of comedy on TV. Between their refusal to let Arrested Development die (YAY!) and the revival of Wet Hot American Summer, I feel like I can laugh again. So, thank you, Netflix. Thank you for letting us attend the First Day of Camp. Rest assured that I will be back anytime you want to open its doors to us.

Gene and the Can of Vegetables.
Gene and the Can of Vegetables.

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