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It's been awhile since i've played it but it's kinda hard to forget the things that happened during the game. Lets start with the beginning of the game, when it starts you get Michael, Trevor and Brad robbing a bank in Ludendorff, which isn't surprising considering all the other robberys in the other gta franchises. The mission was simple but it was a little to simple, during the whole mission I basically stormed right past the police which isn't very challenging and I myself love challenges and that wasn't one. The hardest part of that mission was when you had to drive the car on ice. Flash forward to the first jewelry heist with franklyn and Michael, this mission was easy too except the tunnel part, now I say this because I kept getting stuck in this one little area of the tunnel which made me fail the mission because of being to far from the crew other wise I think the mission was fun.

Now to the mission when Michael's house got raided by the swat team, this mission I had a really hard time with because of how many cops there were and not anough hiding spots, the only way I was able to complete it was by hiding in his closet and killing them as they came.

Now on with the lag, the game didn't lag all that much but when it did it was noticeable. Once when I was shooting at my enemies or targets it took 3 minitues just to get it to aim at my target which was very annoying especially when it does it during time limit missions. I do give credit towards the creators for less lag than gta 4 but thats another story.

I must give credit to this game for the explosions especially the one where Trevor explodes the crack heads house, the way he walks away from it is just simply bad ass! I must give credit for the phone selfies, the quality on the camera phone is just so fascinating

I absolutely have to give credit for the characters personalities and the graphics I mean the real people look exactly like their character, it's Truly amazing.

All in all this game is awesome, simply bad ass. I give it a 4.5 raiting, I recommend it to all those gamers out there.

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