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so the sad news has dropped that chris pine will not play green lantern hal jordan. it sucks a lot of us wanted him to play green lantern hal jordan. but here is a list of actors that would kill it as hal.

1. jensen ackles

his acting on supernatural screams hal jordan. his look, he is funny, the way he talks, he likes the comics, he likes batman, he has the perfect sarcasim, watch this video of a fan that agrees with me.

he knows what he is a great choice.

2. dave franco

this guy is a great actor, an underrated actor, go watch 21 and 22 jump street and now you see me and you'll know he could pull off hal jordan. plus he has worked with jesse eisenberg and wb. he can pull off that funny, charming, cocky hal jordan we want to see.

plus the action sequence.

3. chris pratt

he is a box office smash, (guardians of the galaxy, jurassic world, and the indiana jones reboot to come out wich will make money) funny, and has the right tools to pull off hal jordan. he would kill it as hal.

4. shia labeouf

he is a great actor, funny, box office smash, has the hal jordan cocky and seriousness on and off screen, and is a great method actor, and also

yeah enough said. so dc if you want shia labeouf JUST DO IT.

5. garrett hedlund

he is a great actor he was in tron legacy, and is in pan, he will make a neat hal jordan.

6. miles teller

watch divergent and insurgent and his other movies

7. jake gyllenhaal

he would be a fantastic choice as hal

8. armie hammer

he is a talented actor with the look

9. taron egerton

10. scott eastwood

he is the son of clint eastwood, up and coming new actor, and is already casted in suicide squad in a mysterious role. we thought he was casted as steve trevor but then chris pine got casted. some speculate the he will be deathstroke. dc signed him to a multiple movie deal which means he could possibly be in a big role. could scott eastwood be green lantern hal jordan.


who should be green lantern hal jordan


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