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Possible Spoilers

Daryl. A fan favorite on the hit TV series "The Walking Dead" and my personal favorite. He has even gained so much popularity that people started the whole "If Daryl dies we riot" saying. Which I once agreed with. But now it has gotten annoying. Daryl is not the show. He is a supporting character. If Daryl dies you should keep watching. Here's why.

Daryl: great, not irreplacable
Daryl: great, not irreplacable

The show is great

It would be a shame if you were to stop watching such a greatly made show over one character. In fact, why even bother? If you would quit watching the show over a character, then that means you think the show is bad. Daryl isn't the reason the show is good. Look at the comics. They are way better and Daryl has never been on a single page. If Daryl dies the show won't suddenly be horrible. TWD has many fun characters such as Michonne, Carol, Rick, Glenn, and newly loved Abraham. And there will be many more coming. Some that can kick Daryl's redneck ass.

Daryl is also a problem

Yeah I said it. What's the problem you may ask? He is taking up too much screen time that can be used for other characters' development. We could be getting more Glenn and Maggie love or some of the new Alexandrian backstories but instead we keep getting more Daryl. I want to know more about Rosita but instead we keep getting these petty Daryl scenes. Killing off Daryl gives a lot of room for more development.

How he can meet his end

I have came up with several ways he could die. But one way stands above the rest. Just like in the comics, on the way to a new santuary called the hilltop colony, the group is captured by the new bad guys called the saviors. The leader of said group, Negan, says that he needs to kill one of group members in order to teach them a lesson for killing some of his men. Negan can't decide who to kill so he plays eeny meeny miny mo and ends up picking Glenn. As Negan is about to bash in poor Glenn's head, Daryl speaks up. Begging Negan to take him instead saying, "He has a wife. A child. Me? I ain't got nothing. Take me in his place." Negan decides to be "generous" and takes up his Daryl's offer. Using him baseball bat, Lucille, Negan bashes Daryl's head into the ground.

This will help develop the characters more. Rick will be enraged. Carol will get go into depression. Glenn is upset, thinking he should be dead.

So there you have it. Daryl can die. If you think he can't die tell me in the comments and don't give me a reason like because it's Daryl or the ratings will go down.


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