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...ut them and let people tell me what they thought below. NOTE: I cast based SOLELY on the looks of the artwork. Please don't give me grief about the fact that there are no POC (People of color) or other varieties here. It's simply based on the art. If you don't like it, talk to the artist. Thank you. WHO WOULD YOU CAST AS EACH OF THESE CHARACTERS? I have to agree with Stephanie Renee Semczuk who suggested Chris Hemsworth as John Smith. I was going to say that you didn't see the Prince Phillip match with his brother Liam Hemsworth (WEIRD, but cool!), then I saw later that you DID catch it! Cool that we both saw that! :D Great minds and all. :) Now then, Yaly Gonzalez mentioned Jake Gyllenhall as Aladdin: NAILED IT! BUT... He would need to wear brown contacts as his eyes are blue though.Mr. Robot is Christian Slater, and I disagree on that one, Bernice Koerber. So, here's a thought. Think it through. What about Zayn Malik formerly of One Direction? Now then, Tarzan. Bear with me. This is tough because he has a muscular body, but a lean face, so you can't go with someone with Chris Evans or Mark Wahlberg. A great cast would have been Matthew McConaughey, but he's a little too old for the part. Technically, so is Bradley Cooper, but I think he can still pull it off. He did an amazing job in American Sniper with that very brooding quality you need for Tarzan. And then I had an epiphany: JASON MOMOA. Duh. I'm an idiot. He's darker than shown, but that's the magic of Hollywood. I mean, Emilia Clark is NOT a blonde. (Khaleesi!) Prince Eric is Jonathan Bennett. Don't recognize the name? Did you see Mean Girls? Or Dancing With the Stars in 2014? If not, you can go to and look him up. He's got a lot of work coming up. Prince Adam/Beast: Ok, this one is easy, you just have to get him to either color his hair lighter or wear a hairpiece. Kit Harrington. He has the face and the brooding, and the fighting chops for it. I think it's a great cast. What about Paul Wesley as Prince Charming? He has that very charming quality, and he has the face shape for it. She has drawn him with the thinnest of lips of all of the princes/men stars of the movies (not of the them are "princes"). Hercules is easy: Channing Tatum. Done. He has the face, the eyes, we KNOW he's got that body! *laugh* Now, let's see them together!


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