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I loved the first movie. The second movie wasn't a dissapointment, but wasn't great. The third movie... What can i say? Hooligans fighting in a ring, with rules and points. Is that a thing in the hooligan world? No, if it had another name, i would say, good movie, but it says hooligans, so it has dissapointed me.

Plot: Ryan the new leader of the GSE (following up after the third one). He becomes the leader, Dave decided to be with his wife and all, the GSE Gets messed up. But london mafia boy and his brother might help Michael and Geoffrey. Milwall has their first Capital one cup against West Ham, but is still 6 weeks away. First game against rivall Tottenham, we draw 1-1 And the mafia boys and Ryan get a good win on the streets. So every week they have a game and fight and win. But against Milwall they have actually no chance, but they never back down. So when some kills in fight on the street from West Ham against Milwall happen, they give a place and time after the game. This time, can West Ham win?

My cast:

Joseph Morgan as Ryan, why not? He looks badass and is great as a leader.

Jack O'Connell as Michael. A hooligan movie with him? Looks badass, in Starred up, i only watched it cause he was badass.

Daniel Sharman as Geoffrey. Isn't he Isaac? A little i kill everyone? A movie with him? okay, but as a mafia boy and hooligan? I freak out as a babygirl haha.

Evil Vinnie Jones as the badguy of Milwall

Second leader of Milwall (He's from the UK)


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