ByStephen Spencer, writer at
Stephen Spencer

what can i say about the nightcrawler... it was thrilling, brilliant, creative,exc... as for jake gylanhaal, he was amazing, insane at times, i could say his character in this film classifies him as a sociopath, highly calculated and knows the risks of what he did. i, in my personal opinion love his acting, and i could vary well see him as norman bates in a retelling of hitchcocks classic film trilogy 'psycho.' because if the bates motel series is a prequel to normans psychotic transformation, then i believe jake can be the perfect older modern version of norman bates, has that crazy feeling when you see him in the nightcrawler that sends a nice thrilling shiver down your spine. so in conclusion, nightcrawler is a well written piece about the risk of doing such a job such as photography, filming, and business. in the words of jakes character,' TO WIN THE LOTTERY, YOU GOTTA MAKE THE MONEY TO BUY A TICKET!'


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