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So there's this one movie character that you really like? Too bad because that person probably actually sucks. This is my opinion as well as providing some interesting points as to why these characters haven't earned the popularity they receive. Let's begin...

5. The Jigsaw Killer - Saw

Live or die, make your choice
Live or die, make your choice

The Jigsaw Killer doesn't kill, he simply gives people the opportunity to live and be better people. Bullsh*t! Even if you thought that, there are still so many people that he did actually killed. The first Saw, Amanda is forced to kill Donnie to retrieve a key to save her. Well where was Donnie's chance to live? You say you don't kill people but you put these two people in a situation where one of them has to die. That's killing someone if you ask me.

And don't even get me started on Saw VI. Everyone except for William had no control over whether they could die. Basically all of the traps involved someone having to die so others can live. And then in his final trial, after learning the true value of life, William dies because Roderick from the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid movie couldn't forgive him. Jigsaw, you're an idiot.

4. Thomas Anderson/Neo - The Matrix


Nostalgia Critic made an excellent point about this character that has to be said. Can you tell me something about this guy's personality? I mean literally anything? No? Of course you can't. He's a cardboard cut out character who's defined entirely by what happens to him.

I get that people made him as an every man character so the audience could relate to him but this is just going too far. He's downright boring. Apart from being the savior, there's nothing you can really say about him. I mean...just something! Anything! Please!

3. Doctor Octopus - Spider-Man 2

Uh oh. This is where the fanboys start crawling in (see what I did there, trying to lighten the mood so you don't hate me). I made an article on Moviepilot awhile ago explaining why Doctor Octopus is actually an idiot. Now let me explain...

His experiment goes wrong simply because he was ignorant of the consequences, he builds a lair in an extremely impractical location, he throws a taxi at the one guy that can help him and his plan to capture Spider-Man is based entirely on luck. Something very wrong was going on with this.

2. Boba Fett - Star Wars's video on this perfectly sums up my problem with this character. When you really think about it, the reason this character is so popular makes absolutely no sense. He has to be the most overrated character in cinematic history.

In ESB, he doesn't actually capture Han Solo. He locates the Millennium Falcon, gets Vader to go to Cloud City, blackmail Lando and freeze him in carbonite. Boba does none of this. Then Boba sends him off to Jabba and spends years guarding him but ends up failing at that. Then he falls into the Sarlaac Pit in perhaps the stupidest way possible and don't give me that Extended Universe crap. This is the movies.

1. Gandalf The Grey/White - The Lord of the Rings

I could have picked a number of LOTR characters to put on this list but I feel that Gandalf takes the cake. Much like the majority of the other characters in the franchise, he has no personality. To be fair, it's not his fault, there's just way too many characters to put in a decent amount of development for each.

Gandalf doesn't even do anything. I don't know about his powers because he NEVER uses them. He gets tiny people to do his work, uses his eagles extremely rarely and only fights with a sword. If actually got off his ass and did stuff I'm sure he would be useful but that's just not what he does.

Now before you go off in the comments, I have full respect for people who like these characters. The beautiful thing about this site is the ability to express our own opinions. This was entirely my opinion so I'm not going to tell you that you're wrong for liking these characters. Have a good day!


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